Today Show: Transformers the Ride Steven Spielberg & Transformers 4


Donald Sutherland: Crossing Lines Crime Drama

Crime fighting, international touches, and FBI drama all go down in Donald Sutherland’s new crime drama Crossing Lines. A team of agents go after breaking the mold of Criminal Minds and other crime dramas.

Today Show: Transformers the Ride Steven Spielberg & Transformers 4

Steven Spielberg toured us through the newest ride at Universal Theme Park, Transformers the Ride. Bumble Bee, Optimus Prime, & Megatron were on hand. (reezuan /


Sutherland said he was really drawn the vision of the show. They have one producer and one writer, both who are the creators of the show.

Today Show: Donald Sutherland Shooting Western in July

While Donald Sutherland is obligated to be a 24 fan, his son Kiefer Sutherland being the main character, he’s more excited about his next project. The Sutherlands are teaming up to shoot a Western starting July 15. Kiefer will start filming 24 in September.

Today: Transformers Ride Opens at Universal Studios Theme Park

Moving on to another fighting team, Transformers has grossed over $2 billion. Universal is opening their Transformers the Ride this summer and Steven Spielberg was the creative consultant on the ride. Combining the sheer awesomeness of a roller coaster with the creative genius of Spielberg is a perfect marriage for fans.


On the ride, the riders become the characters in the film. You control the Allspark and the Decepticons want to kill you and take the power source. The ride immerses fans in the high action world and sends them on a seat gripping adventure.

Spielberg’s first ride that he was a part of was Jaws the Ride. Spielberg has always had a hand in Universal Studios and was brought on at Universal Studios Florida’s inception to be a creative director and consultant. Since then, the parks have opened Islands of Adventure and even more rides based on the popular Universal characters.

Michael Bay, the director of Transformers, was supposed to be on hand for the opening of the ride, but is currently off shooting Transformers 4. Spielberg confirmed that Lincoln the Ride won’t be happening, but you can get your ride on with Transformers any time you want.


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