Today Show: Tom Coughlin Earn the Right to Win Review & Being on Time


Today Show: Tom Coughlin Earn the Right To Win Review

Tom Coughlin is one of the most respected coaches in all of football. Some have called him the “tough task master,” while others have used less kind words to describe Coughlin, but Coughlin knows. He said he is fair to everyone and he had to be the way he was.

“You don’t come in soft, you come in hard,” Coughlin said, adding that it is necessary to establish rules right away and teach people how to conduct themselves, especially on the football field.


In an effort to help more people learn how he has come to be one of the most admired coaches in football, Coughlin wrote a book that can be used on the football field or as a lesson on living your own life, Earn the Right to Win.

Today Show: Michael Strahan Hated Tom Coughlin

Today Show: Tom Coughlin Earn the Right to Win Review & Being on Time

The Today Show talked with Tom Coughlin about his new book Earn the Right to Win and how it pertains to people trying to get back into the workforce. (Debby Wong /

Michael Strahan said when he first started playing under Coughlin, he hated him, but as time went on he learned to love the man. Coughlin said a lot of players feel that way about him. Many pro athletes will resist structure and discipline in their lives, but they are the group of people who need it the most, and they are the first to tell anyone if they are being unprofessional.


Tom Coughlin: Stay Up-To-Date In Your Field Of Work

In the 2003 season, Coughlin was out of a job. He was laid off from coaching Jacksonville, but he didn’t let that stop him from getting back into the NFL. He said he studied every aspect of the game from his home. He knew the players in the draft, he knew the players in the NFL, he knew everything there was to know. Coughlin said he made sure to stay up-to-date so when he interviewed for a job he could answer any question asked.

He said it is the same for anyone else without a job. Set yourself up to take advantage of a situation when one arises.

Tom Coughlin: Stickler For Being On Time

Tom Coughlin is an admitted stickler for time. He told all his players they will be fined for being late to practice. He once fined two of his players after they got in an accident heading to practice because they were late. He said he told them numerous times to leave early, but they rushed and crashed, and he made them pay the fine.

The same goes when getting a job. Time is everything when it comes to work.

Tom Coughlin: Pay Attention To Detail

Coughlin’s best advice while on the Today Show was making sure to pay attention to details. He said in football they will break down tapes of their opponents so they know exactly what they are going up against. He said the same goes with work. When you are out of a job, it doesn’t mean you should slack off. It means you should know what you are going up against when you head back into the workforce.

Tom Coughlin: Establish Trust and Honesty

Coughlin said the most important thing to do when you get back into the workforce is to establish trust and honesty with your co-workers. He said it is the same in football. He needs to make a connection with his players so they trust in him and realize he is there because he wants to win.

Many are questioning whether or not Coughlin’s my-way-or-the-highway approach really works, but Coughlin said he knows it works. While many claim it might crush the spirits of born leaders working their way to the top, Coughlin said they should expect some hardship, and they will grow to become better leaders.


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