Today Show: Tina Fey After 30 Rock, Being a Mother & Admission Review


Today Show: Tina Fey Admission Review

Tina Fey plays a Princeton admissions officer in the new movie Admission. In the movie, she heads to an alternative school looked after by a former college classmate of hers because her former classmate thinks a child at his school may be Fey’s son she gave up for adoption when she was younger. Fey said the movie is great because it captures the intensity of the admission process when trying to get into any college. Fey said when she was applying for schools, however, it was a bit different. It wasn’t as stressful. Fey said she has a hard time getting her children into a kindergarten in New York City, so she is thinking the admission process for college might seem simple for her.

“They both have 50 states to choose from when they have to pick a college,” Fey said.


Today Show: Tina Fey After 30 Rock, Being a Mother & Admission Review

The Today Show talked with Tina Fey about her new movie Admission, what it is like being a full-time mom and how she feels about her free time after 30 Rock. (Jaguar PS /

Tina Fey said she took the role after she read the script because the story was “so compelling” and it was something she had never seen before. She knew she would be perfect for the role of a stressed, high-strung overachiever.

“Not since Daniel Day-Lewis has there been such a stress,” Fey said.


Today Show: Tina Fey Not Hosting the Oscars, Maybe the Golden Globes

Tina Fey joked that she wasn’t sick of people asking her if she is going to host the Oscars, reaffirming the “no way” she has been telling everyone who asks. She said it would be too tough a gig, and just thinking about all the dresses she would have to wear seemed to be making her sick.

When asked about hosting the Golden Globes again, Fey said she might think about doing that.

Today Show: Paul Rudd Mustache

Tina Fey and Paul Rudd have known each other for a while, but this is the first time they have worked together. Fey said she was nervous about working Rudd. She even called her pal Amy Poehler to ask her if Rudd was a nice guy. She said he was.

As for his mustache, Fey said it was going to look great when he pairs it with a suit from the 70s while filming Anchorman 2.

Today Show: Tina Fey Life After 30 Rock

Since the wrapping of 30 Rock, Tina Fey said she has just been getting used to life as a full-time mother. She takes her kids to school, she chases them around the house and she said she is always pulling toy cars out of her daughter’s mouth.

“I have more free time, but children can really eat through some free time,” she said.

As for missing 30 Rock, Fey said it hasn’t really hit her. Come September, when they would normally start shooting the show, she thinks she is probably going to be wandering around New York trying to figure out where she is supposed to be working.


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