Today Show: Tigerettes Senior Olympic Gold Medalists & Nathan Sorell


Today Show: Nathan Sorell Nike Commercial

Nathan Sorell became an unlikely star last summer when he was the face of a Nike ad showing him running on a lonely road trying to lose weight. Back then, about six months ago, he was around 202 pounds but after some intense workouts, Sorell said he has lost over 30 pounds and he is going to continue losing the weight.

Sorell said he owes a lot of the weight loss to the commercial. If he had never been in the commercial, Sorell said he would not have decided to change his life and lose the weight. He said he also has his family to thank for supporting him through his weight loss journey.


“Everyone gave me a chance to succeed,” Sorell told the Today Show.

Today Show: Tigerettes Senior Olympic Gold Medalists & Nathan Sorell

The Today Show Todayettes played the seven-time Senior Olympic gold medalists, The Tigerettes, and talked with Nathan Sorell about his Nike ad and weight loss.

Monica Sorell said her son’s weight loss has given him so much more confidence and energy that he seems like a new man to her.


Today Show: Nathan Sorell Weight Loss Advice

So how did he lose the weight? Sorell said he has been sticking to diet along with exercise. For example, he told the Today Show he went to Bob Evans the other night and instead of getting a burger and fries like he used to, he ordered a turkey sandwich with fruit on the side. As for his workouts, Sorell said unlike his Nike ad would make you think, he really hates running. If he is doing any kind of exercise on his own he likes to play basketball instead.

Monica Sorell said she is helping her son along with his weight loss. She wants him to take the weight loss slow because she wants him to learn how to make healthier choices, eat healthier foods and find the healthiest ways for him to keep the weight off.

Today Show: The Todayettes vs Senior Olympic Gold Medalists The Tigerettes

Forget about March Madness. The Today Show had an epic basketball game played right in front of the studio between The Todayettes and The Tigerettes.

The Tigerettes are the winningest team ever to compete in the Senior Olympics with a record of 198 and 5 with seven gold medals under their belt. The women, all between the ages of 76 and 50, have been playing together for quite some time but some didn’t even pick up a basketball until they were in their 50s and 60s.

When the game started you would think Savannah Guthrie and the other female co-hosts of the Today Show could take on a bunch of old women, but they lost badly. Tamron Hall missed so badly she threw the basketball over the entire hoop. In the end, The Tigerettes scored four baskets in about one minute while The Todayettes scored none.


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