Today Show: Theresa Caputo Long Island Medium & Using Her Gift To Help

Today Show: Theresa Caputo Long Island Medium

Natalie Morales and Access Hollywood Live’s Billy Bush sat down with Theresa Caputo, star of the reality show Long Island Medium, who is about to launch a fourth season of the series. Theresa Caputo is a medium who claims to be able to see and speak with spirits. “I have an amazing and beautiful gift,” she said. Theresa Caputo said she never thought this show would take off the way it has. She thought she would do a couple of episodes and be done with it. She said she was still booking a lot of appointments and expected to go on with her life.

Today Show: Theresa Caputo Long Island Medium & Using Her Gift To Help

Theresa Caputo, star of the reality series Long Island Medium, came by Today May 10 2013 to talk to Billy Bush and Natalie Morales about talking to spirits.


Theresa Caputo Uses Gift To Help People

Theresa Caputo said that when she was given the gift, she decided she would use it to bring joy to people and to help them. So she tries to give people knowledge from their deceased loved ones that will give them peace and comfort. I wonder if Caputo is a fan of The Ghost Whisperer.

Theresa Caputo: Talking To Spirits About Negative Things

Billy Bush asked what if the spirit has bad news or doesn’t like the person Theresa Caputo is standing next to. She said she’ll only deliver a message that will help a living person or bring them some comfort.

Theresa Caputo: Encountering Skeptics

Natalie Morales said she probably encounters lots of skeptics and asked how it worked. She wondered if Theresa Caputo saw spirits in the studio. Caputo said that just before the segment, she talked to one of the staff member’s deceased mothers about lost jewelry. Natalie Morales seemed really skeptical and kind of chuckled. I don’t believe in Caputo’s gift, but I believe that she believes it, and I think Natalie Morales did a bad job of handling this interview. You could tell from the way Natalie Morales interacted with Theresa Caputo that she didn’t believe in any of it and wanted to make sure we knew it, too.


What do you think about this? Is Theresa Caputo the real deal? Are spirits out there and can we communicate with them?


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