Today Show: The Voice – Number One Singing Competition Show In America


Today Show: Woman Writes Book About Personal Tragedy

Today talked to Jackie Hance about her new book I’ll See You Again. Jackie Hance is a mother whose three daughters were killed in a car crash. The car was driven by her sister-in-law, whose blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit and was found to have THC in her system as well. Her sister-in-law got onto the freeway and drove the wrong way on the highway, eventually colliding with another car, exploding her vehicle into flames. The crash killed Jackie Hance’s children, as well as her sister-in-law’s daughter and three other children, as well as her sister-in-law, killing eight people in total.

Today Show: The Voice Number One Singing Competition Show & New Judges

The Voice judges, including new judges Shakira and Usher, talked to Al Roker about the show’s success. (Shelly Wall /


Jackie Hance received a phone call from one of her daughters before the crash, telling her that something was wrong with her sister-in-law. When Hance spoke to her, her sister-in-law told her that the kids were just playing. With no answers, Hance and her husband have had to deal with the tragedy on their own. Jackie Hance said she had never even known her sister-in-law to drink and was puzzled and horrified by her sister drinking in the car with her children. In the wreckage, a broken bottle of vodka was found, suggesting that the sister-in-law may have even been drinking in the vehicle while driving the children.

Now, Jackie Hance has been put in the position of trying to move on. She has another daughter now and she’s picking up the pieces of her life, trying to move forward.

Today Show: The Voice Judges Talk About Success

Al Roker sat down with the hosts of The Voice to talk about the success of the show. Shakira said that the show is hard, because while it’s really great to see the progress of your contestants, you have to let one of them go. She said that she couldn’t sleep very well last night because she had to let one of her artists go.


Al Roker asked Adam and Blake what the deal is with the two of them. Blake said that he thought they had a kinship because they’re immature and “neither one of us have any pride.” Usher and Shakira said that it’s been easy to get acclimated to the show and join the conversation. Usher said that Blake and Adam’s banter is so friendly, it’s easy for them to get into it. Shakira said there’s an “undeniable” chemistry between the judges.

Adam said that he feels like Tony Robbins sometimes because of how much being a singing coach intersects with being a life coach. Usher didn’t interject here, but he seems like the kind of coach who is able to separate his personal feelings from his professional ones. He was, after all, the one who repeatedly asked one of his artists what was funny when the artist laughed after a practice performance. The artist was laughing because he couldn’t catch up vocally with his opponent. Usher did not think that was funny at all. Al Roker told the judges that they were the number one singing show in America. Everyone high fived and Adam said, “You hear that other singing competition show? Whatever!”


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