Today Show: Steve Schirripa Parenting Tips & Big Daddy’s Rules Review


Today Show: Parenting Tips From Bobby ‘Bacala’ Baccalieri

Steve Schirripa, the actor best-known for his role as mobster Bobby Bacala on the TV drama The Sopranos, has written a book about, wait for it, how to raise girls. Big Daddy’s Rules: Raising Daughters Is Tougher Than I Look is part comedy, part love letter to his two daughters that takes a look into the actor’s personal life as a parent.

Today Show: Steve Schirripa Parenting Tips & Big Daddy's Rules Review

Steve Schirripa came by to talk about his new book Big Daddy’s Rules. (image credit: Featureflash /


Steve Schirripa’s Parenting Style

When asked what his parenting style is like, Steve Schirripa’s daughters had this to say: very loud, intense, tough love, protective. It’s his way or the highway, and Steve thinks this is an absolutely fair way to parent. Steve sees what he believes to be a lot of idiocy in the modern father depicted on television, and he does not consider himself to be among their ranks. Big daddy doesn’t just refer to Steve’s size, it refers to his presence in the house as a father.

“He’s got a big mouth, a big heart and a big tempter,” he said.

Big Daddy’s Rules: Raising Daughters Is Tougher Than I Look Review

Matt had never seen a parenting book use the “F” word so liberally, and he asked Steve’s daughters what they thought of his frequent use of the sweariest of swear words.


“I think at this point, we’re actually used to it,” said one daughter. They don’t think it’s too big of a problem, though.

One of the rules that Steve sets out for fathers in the book, and one which he follows himself, is spending as much time as possible with your daughters. Steve doesn’t just look at it as spending time on the weekend with his daughters as an event, he considers himself to always be there for them, even when alcohol is involved, which he knows is around and trusts his daughter that is of age to make the proper decisions concerning it.

Steve Schirripa – Because I Said So

The words “because I said so” are the four most underrated words in the world according to Steve, and he has no problem using the phrase. He knows better than they do and he is responsible for them. Why not use it from time to time?

Steve is not alone in his hands-on parenting, though. His wife is right there with him. The mother is the calm, cool and collected foil to Steve’s sometimes iron-fisted techniques.


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