Today Show: Steve Harvey Valentine’s Day Advice & Meeting His Mentor


Today Show: The Steve Harvey Show Review

Steve Harvey is still trying to make the adjustment he needs for daytime talk shows but he said he is getting the hang out if now. His show is oftentimes filled with humor and sometimes he almost crosses the line, but he also evens out his show with personal moments from life. He isn’t always a comedian though. Steve Harvey told the Today Show he doesn’t act like he does on his show all the time. He goes home where he has a wife and children and, according to him, he is just an ordinary guy.

Between the two of them, Harvey and his wife have seven children and they are always part of his jokes. Although they get angry about being in Harvey’s jokes so often he tells them if they aren’t going to write any jokes, then they have to be a part of the jokes.


Today Show: Steve Harvey Valentine's Day Advice & Meeting His Mentor

The Today Show talked with Steve Harvey about his new talk show, getting choked up on the show because of a guest and he gave out some Valentine’s Day advice. (s_bukley /

Today Show: Steve Harvey Surprised By Mentor

One of the most heartfelt moments on the Steve Harvey Show was when he was surprised by his mentor on his birthday. Harvey said this man was the only person who helped him out when he needed the help. He took Harvey in when he was at his lowest point and he taught him how to be successful. Harvey was so in shock at seeing this man again, he broke down on his show.

“I get free meals all the time now but when I needed one the most he was the only guy that helped me out,” Harvey said.


Matt Lauer said Harvey has found the key to being successful during a daytime talk show; he was real and he was willing to share personal anecdotes about his life.

Today Show: Steve Harvey Valentine’s Day Advice

Debbie wanted to know what advice Harvey had for her when it came to getting her husband a present. Well, Harvey said there is one thing all men like, so if she was willing to participate, Harvey was sure he would be happy with his gift.

Derek said he has been in a relationship for two months and wanted to know how to keep it healthy and strong. Harvey said he shouldn’t need any advice because it should be the hottest right now. He told Derek to call him in a few months when things start to drop off in the relationship.

Pam and her husband have been together for 27 years and they wanted to know what they could do to keep it going to another 27 years. Harvey told them they don’t need any advice. As long as they keep doing what they have been doing and trying to keep the relationship fresh from time to time, they were going to be fine.


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