Today Show: Steve Harvey Relationship & Parenting Advice & Dark Skies


Today Show: Steve Harvey Relationship Advice

The Today Show invited a special person to co-host the show with them and the first thing they wanted to do with him was get some relationship advice for their audience. And everyone knows the best person to turn to for any kind of advice, especially relationship advice, is Steve Harvey.

The first question came from Sarah who told Harvey she and all her girlfriends have been married for over 30 years and she was looking for any type of any advice Harvey could give her to strengthen her marriage even more. He told her she needs to write a book. Having a happy and healthy marriage for 30 years is something not a lot of couples can enjoy. He didn’t have much advice for her except to remind her to keep it fresh in the bedroom.


The next question came from Leslie who said her mother is in her 50’s and looking for love. Did Steve Harvey have any suggestions on the best way she can find a man to spend the rest of her life with? Internet dating was Harvey’s advice. He said it is the best way to dig through all the “garbage” and find the perfect match for her. They even have dating websites exclusively for people over 50-years-old.

Today Show: Steve Harvey Relationship & Parenting Advice & Dark Skies

The Today Show listened as Steve Harvey answered some relationship and parenting questions for fans and talked with Keri Russell about Dark Skies. (Helga Esteb /

Today Show: Steve Harvey Parenting Advice

After the relationship advice, Steve Harvey moved on to some parenting advice. Karen said she can not get her six-year-old out of her bed and she wanted some advice on how to make him more interested in his own bedroom.


Harvey told her to make sure he has fun things to do in his own room and she also needed to be more stern when she told her child he needed to sleep in his own bed. He also pointed out how her husband was probably not too happy about his child always sleeping in the bed with him.

The final question came from Kristy who wanted to know what Steve Harvey would do if his child was slapped on an airplane. Harvey told her there are going to be a lot of police at the gate if someone slaps his child. He doesn’t even slap his child, so he couldn’t see any reason another person should put their hands on his kid. As he put it, “I would do some very un-daytime things.”

Today Show: Kerri Russell Dark Skies Review

Keri Russell stopped by the show for a moment to talk about her her new movie, Dark Skies. She said this scary thriller is similar to Poltergeist in the sense that it is about a family under siege from paranormal forces and they are trying to fight them off. She said it is the perfect movie to scare you.

Besides her new movie role, Russell is also starring in the TV series The Americans, playing an undercover KGB spy living in America with her spy husband. Russell said the show focuses on the complicated marriage of the couple and trying to stay undercover during the 1980s when the Cold War was in full swing.

Today Show: Biggest Loser Contestant Michael Dorsey

Michael Dorsey went into The Biggest Loser as the heaviest of all the contestants, weighing in at a staggering 444 pounds. Although he was recently eliminated from the show, Dorsey said it has not stopped his drive to continue losing the weight. He told the Today Show he lost about 91 pounds while on the show and has lost about 30 more since being back home.

With the help of his family, Dorsey has been able to continue eating healthier, he exercises often and he said he loves spinning.

To find out who gets eliminated next, tune in to The Biggest Loser tonight on NBC.


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