Today Show Sports: Kangaroo Golf Tournament & Al Roker Secret Service


By Oriana Lerner

Today Show: Wacky World of Sports

Yes, you all love to watch the power and athleticism of sports games of all kinds. But that doesn’t that you don’t also enjoy having the opportunity to be reminded that athletes make mistakes, too. Len Berman joined the Today Show’s anchors for his monthly montage of humorous sports moments.
After joking about hoping that there wouldn’t be anyone doing the “Harlem Shake” in the video, the “Spanning the World” montage began.


Today Show: Full Court Bounce Video

Today Show Sports: Kangaroo Golf Tournament & Al Roker Secret Service

A Today Show sports roundup of the month’s best moments included a kangaroo golf tournament in Australia, full court bounce, and Al Roker vs Secret Service.

Highlights included a high schooler’s full court bounce, a parachute designed to deliver a ball for a final tournament landing on the field in the middle of a third-round game. Then, they showed a kid on the field at an event and a coach who wanted to be too involved with his basketball game and eagerly caught the ball.

Today Show: Ski Jump Sliding Video

Other notable mess-ups and oddities included a player catching a ball by hanging off the wall around the field, another player crashing through a wall, and a tennis player serving—into the audience. Berman then suggested introducing a new sport—“ski-jump sliding.” A clip was played which showed a skier sliding downhill on his back with his legs (and skis) in the air.


Today Show: Kangaroo Golf Tournament

Then it was time for the animal-centric photos. First, there was shot of a bunch of kangaroos at an Australian ladies’ golf tournament. Berman joked that they’d had to stop the tournament because there were too many spectators.

Next, they showed a condor escaping during the national anthem and its trainer attempting, without much success, to control it. That clip ended with the trainer on the ground trying to keep the bird in his arms.

Today Show: Al Roker Secret Service Takedown

After playing the “Takedown of the Month,” another takedown was played—this one of anchor Al Roker being taken down by the Secret Service after meeting Vice President Joe Biden. The next highlight was a Nebraska softball team forming a human bicycle on an airport’s moving walkway. Berman and the anchors joked about trying to recreate that stunt themselves. Then, of course, came the inevitable “Harlem Shake” video.

But, not all of the clips made fun of anyone. One showed a sports fan getting to play at a basketball game and sending the ball right through the hoop.
After the montage, Roker thanked them for including his takedown and confirmed that, apparently, no anchors were harmed in the making of that incident.


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