Today Show: Silver Spoons Reunion & Ricky Schroder’s Reality Show


Today Show: Silver Spoon Reunion

Silver Spoons was one of the most popular shows of the ’80s, running from 1982 to 1987 and today, amassing a whole new generation of fans thanks to its syndication. There was something of a Silver Spoons reunion on Today, as Ricky Schroder (who played Ricky Stratton), Joel Higgins (who played Edward Stratton II), Erin Gray (who played Kate Summers Stratton), and Alfonso Ribeiro (who played Alfonso Spears), came on Today Show May 29 2013.

Today Show: Silver Spoons Reunion & Ricky Schroder's Reality Show

Ricky Schroder previewed his reality show and reunited with his Silver Spoons cast members.
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The first thing that Matt Lauer noted was that, in all of the five years that these actors spent filming Silver Spoons, there was not one scandal among the cast or any level of ill will held against someone. The five years they spent together were apparently quite idyllic.

Today Show: Erin Gray & Joel Higgins

Erin Gray described the filming as the best five years of her life: “loved them at the beginning, loved them at the end,” she said. All of the cast stayed in touch after the show was over and only fell out of touch when life happened to take them in different directions.

All of the cast members said that they credit much of their success to Joel Higgins, whose comedic timing taught them a lot and made them better at their craft as well. Joel said that he was flattered to hear the kind words, considering some of the actors that his fellow cast members went on to work with. However, he did note that Ricky was, from the start, an intrinsically good actor.


Today Show: What Happened To The Cast Of Silver Spoons?

If you take a look at Macaulay Culkin or Lindsay Lohan, it can be argued that child stars never exactly come out the other end of fame in too good of shape. Somehow, Ricky Schroder, who spent five years of his youth in the spotlight, grew up perfectly normal by comparison.

Ricky said that part of his normalcy came from his tight family life and having his first child at 21, which forced him to grow up. He did admit to developing a massive crush on Erin, and even asked her for a kiss, which she turned him down for because she had been playing his mother onstage and it would have felt strange.

Today Show: Alfonso Ribeiro On Broadway

Alfonso Ribeiro was discovered for the show on Broadway and even did a Pepsi commercial with Michael Jackson. Alfonso, since he came on in season three, said that he was already a fan by the time he came on the show, and that the biggest differences between filming a show and being onstage was the timing and performing at night versus filming a show all day.

Erin Gray said that she was quite flattered with the way her tenure played out on the show, starting as an on-and-off character and working her way up to a major one.

As an actor, Joel Higgins said that the show not only gave him some financial stability, but also taught him that ensemble work is the most satisfying work.

Today Show: Ricky Schroder’s Reality Show

Ricky Schroder is working on a new reality show, where he shows a civilian what it is like to hold a certain job in the U.S. military for a week. At the end of the week, the civilian decides whether or not they want to enlist. He was quite proud of the show, since it is a way to perhaps encourage more people to enlist and serve our country, no matter the job.


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