Today Show: Quvenzhane Wallis Youngest Nominee for Best Actress


Today Show: Quvenzhane Wallis Youngest Actress Nominated For Best Actress

Quvenzhane Wallis has shocked the entertainment business with her performance in Beasts of the Southern Wild, a performance which garnered her a Oscar nomination for best actress, making her the youngest person to ever be nominated for the award.

Beasts of the Southern Wild is about a small bayou town community called the Bathtub, a community cut off from the rest of the civilized world by a levee, where the folks have “more holidays than the rest of the world.” After a flood destroys the community, Hushpuppy, Wallis’ character, must learn how to survive on her own, without a mother, from her dying father. Wallis’ character seems to face insurmountable odds for such a young protagonist, Wallis being only six-years-old during the filming of the movie, as she struggles with death, the loss of her home and being forced to leave the Bathtub.


Today Show: Quvenzhane Wallis Youngest Nominee for Best Actress

The Today Show interviewed Quvenzhane Wallis about being the youngest person nominated for a best actress award for her role in Beasts of the Southern Wild. (Helga Esteb /

What may be even more remarkable than the performance Wallis gave at such a young age is the fact the movie was her first acting role, along with some of her other co-stars.

Today Show: Dwight Henry New Orleans Baker To Hollywood

The Today Show also talked with Dwight Henry, who plays Wink, Hushpuppy’s father in the film, who said it was unbelievable they were nominated for four Academy Awards.


Henry, who was a baker before being cast in Beasts of the Southern Wild, his first movie role ever, said “It is like my own daughter won an Oscar” when they found out about their nominations.

Today Show: Quvenzhane Wallis Is Normal 9-Year-Old

Wallis’ future is looking bright for the young star and it can be hard to remember she is just nine-years-old now. She told the Today Show she loves Beyonce and Justin Beiber and even sang part of Bieber’s single “Boyfriend” for Ann Curry during the interview.

She seems to be the next triple threat said Curry. Or as Wallis put it, she is like “three in one shampoo.”

You can see the rest of the interview on Rock Center tonight, January 24 2013.


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