Today Show: Princess Diana Vanity Fair Dress Going Up For Auction


Today Show: Princess Diana Gowns Up For Auction

Princess Diana was the first royal fashion icon. She began wearing black even as the Royal Family tried to stop her from wearing a color only to be worn during times of mourning. She even started showing more skin with her shoulder gowns which started a new fashion trend. These dresses that sparked fashion trends all over the world are still a coveted part of the fashion world and they are now going up for auction.

From her Victor Edelstein bottle green velvet evening gown to the Catherine Walker dress she wore to the premiere of Steel Magnolias to the iconic Bruce Oldfield black velvet evening gown she wore to the opening of Les Miserables, those, along with seven others, are all going up for auction at Kerry Taylor Auctions.


Today Show: Princess Diana’s John Travolta Dress

Today Show: Princess Diana Vanity Fair Dress Going Up For Auction

Princess Diana’s dresses are going up for auction, so the Today Show looked at some of her most famous dresses and the stories behind them. (Neftali /

One of the most memorable dresses worn by Princess Diana is the Victor Edelstein dress she wore to the State Dinner at the White House where she famously danced with John Travolta.

Kerry Taylor, the auction house owner, told the Today Show she is expecting the dress to go for anywhere from $305,00 to $455,000 mostly because of the story behind the dress. She said Princess Diana wanted to meet John Travolta so badly, the White House invited him to the party and told him to come alone. Then after the dinner, Travolta was rushed over to Princess Diana and told to dance with her. Although he later admitted he was a bit nervous, he also said it was like a fairytale as the two danced together for about 30 minutes.


Today Show: Princess Diana Vanity Fair Dress

Another dress up for auction is the Catherine Walker black velvet dress she wore for a Vanity Fair photoshoot. Taylor said the dress was inspired by a picture frame in Walker’s house. She said she wanted to frame the face of Princess Diana just as beautifully as the picture frame in her house held her pictures.

The dress is said to go for anywhere from $75,000 to $105,000.

Today Show: Princess Diana and Liza Minelli Friendship

During a visit to Brazil, Princess Diana wore a Catherine Walker pink sequined ivory gown that was designed specifically for the moment. Taylor said Argentina and Brazil played a football game right before Princess Diana was to arrive and Brazil had lost so the Brazilian government called the designer, Walker, and told her not use any Argentinian colors.

It was also in this dress that Princess Diana met Liza Minelli and struck up a bit of a friendship with the actress. She was later chastised by the Royal Family for fraternizing with someone in the entertainment business, something that was looked down upon.

The dress is expected to go for $60,000 to $90,000.


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