Today Show: Pride & Prejudice 2013 & Baby Born with Ectopia Cordis


Today Show: Baby Born With Rare Heart Malformation

Just 16 weeks into her pregnancy, Ashley Cardenas was told her daughter had a rare heart malformation, ectopia cordis, a condition which caused half of her heart to form outside of her chest cavity. Cardensa told the Today Show when she learned about the condition of her daughter’s heart she didn’t know what to think. She said she was having a heard time understanding how her heart could have developed half in and half outside of her body.

Cardenas opted to have the baby undergo a risky operation once she was born, the only hope for the child. Just two days after she gave birth to her daughter, 11 doctors spent six hours operating on the child at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston to try and make room for the child’s heart to fit inside her chest cavity.


Today Show: Pride & Prejudice 2013 & Baby Born with Ectopia Cordis

The Today Show looked at how Pride and Prejudice is still a beloved novel to this day and talked with the mother of a child who was born with a rare disease.

Heart surgeon Dr. Charles Fraser said ectopia cordis only happens in about seven to eight pregnancies out of a million and the child rarely survives. Dr. Fraser also said the surgery performed is difficult because it is not as simple as putting the heart back in the body and closing the chest cavity. He said there is only muscle holding the heart to the body and no sternum.

Today Show: Child Beats Rare Ectopia Cordis Disease

Cardenas’ baby girl, Audrina, beat some incredible odds while on the operating table. Just weeks after having the surgery, Cardenas was able to hold her baby for the first time. But Audrina still isn’t in the clear yet. When she was discharged from the hospital in January, she was given a body shield she must wear that protects her chest area, and she is still in need of an oxygen tank and feeding tube four months after the surgery.


“She is going to enjoy life to the fullest,” Cardenas said, who told the Today Show by the time she is in school, doctors hope she will be just like all her friends.

Today Show: Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice has become more popular than ever in recent years. There has been a movie made about the book, a television series, there are dance classes revolving around the book and a zombie version of the book hit the shelves a few years back.

For some, the romantic novel has become more than just entertainment. In a book that depicts characters you could see in your own life, from the overbearing mother to the self-centered man who can hardly say the word love, everyone can relate to the book. But as the Today Show pointed out, Austen was never married and the book was more of a satirical look at society. She was laughing at the characters she writes about in the book and the traditions they have.


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