Today Show: President Obama – Jay-Z, Beyonce in Cuba & Hillary Clinton


Today Show: President Obama Interview

The Today Show’s Savannah Guthrie interviewed President Obama just hours before the Boston Marathon bombing, where the two talked about the possibility of gun legislation passing soon, whether North Korea is a threat to the US and how the US will handle the threats North Korea has been throwing around.

In the second part of the interview, below, Guthrie and President Obama talked about the Newtown families, Jay-Z’s trip to Cuba and whether Hillary Clinton will get Obama’s endorsement if she decides to run for the presidency.


Today Show: President Obama Feels Responsible For Newtown

President Obama told Savannah Guthrie he feels responsible for what happened at Newtown. He said there comes a time in every presidency when everyone needs to ignore politics and do the right thing. He said that time is now, when new gun legislation needs to be passed to protect the innocent.

Today Show: President Obama - Jay-Z, Beyonce in Cuba & Hillary Clinton

Savannah Guthrie talked with President Obama about Jay-Z and Beyonce in Cuba, whether Hillary Clinton will run for president and Newtown families. (Action Sports Photography /

Although Obama said on Monday he was confident the new legislation would pass by summer, today the gun legislation did not get through the Senate. Could it happen by summer though? Obama said the new legislation is supported by business owners and Christian groups around America as well as Democrats and Republicans. That is about as far based as anyone can hope for.


“We are trying to restore Congress’s muscle memory on how to deal with bipartisanship,” Obama said.

Obama also pointed out that people in the government are not as polarized as the media makes them seem. He admitted people are sometimes forced to take a stance for political reasons but he seemed to think everyone has the best interests of America at heart.

Today Show: Dr. Kermit Gosnell Heightens Debate About Abortions

Savannah Guthrie asked Obama about Dr. Kermit Gosnell, the Philadelphia abortion doctor who killed several babies and a patient, and whether he thinks the doctor is elevating the abortion debate. Although Obama could not comment on a pending court case, he did say if someone is violating medical ethics or violating the law, they will be prosecuted.

Today Show: Obama Called Kamala Harris Comment a Learning Experience

President Obama recently called the Attorney General of California, Kamala Harris, the best-looking Attorney General in the country and he caught a lot of criticism for the comment. Although he told Guthrie the comment was a joke he had made previously with Harris, his apology was sincere. He said it was a moment he has learned from. When he looks at his own daughters he doesn’t want them to be judged on their looks but rather on their hard work and their merit.

Today Show: Did Obama Know About Jay-Z, Beyonce In Cuba?

As for Jay-Z and Beyonce being rumored to have gotten the okay from the President to go to Cuba, Obama said the White House has other things to worry about. He said they went to Cuba through a group that deals with organizing educational trips.

Today Show: Is Hillary Clinton Running For President In 2016?

President Obama has not said who he will endorse for the 2016 Presidential election but he did say Hillary Clinton was an excellent Secretary of State and a great friend, adding that she will be great at whatever she decides to do in the future.


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