Today Show: Pierce Brosnan Love Is All You Need Review & November Man


Today Show: Pierce Brosnan Love Is All You Need

Today Show talked to Pierce Brosnan about his new film Love Is All You Need. It’s a Danish film, but Pierce Brosnan doesn’t speak Danish. Brosnan said he had a great time making the film. Half of the dialogue in the film is Danish. “And the rest is me,” Brosnan said. The writer of the film wrote it with Brosnan in mind. Pierce Brosnan said that he wasn’t sure at first, but they really took care of him and it went well.

Today Show: Pierce Brosnan Personal Connection

Today Show: Pierce Brosnan Love Is All You Need Review & November Man

Pierce Brosnan came by the Today Show to talk about his new film Love Is All You Need and how it feels to turn 60. (Featureflash /


In the film, Pierce Brosnan’s character has lost a wife to cancer. In real life, Brosnan also lost his wife to cancer. Brosnan said that he’s still dealing with his own loss.

“So I let myself do the project because I thought I could bring something to it which had a humanity, a sincerity. And also the film has got lots of laughs,” Brosnan said.

Matt Lauer brought up the fact that even though this film is technically a romantic comedy, he thought it was more nuanced and adult than the typical U.S. romantic comedy. Brosnan said that the film had a “richness of character and subtext” that you just don’t have in America.


Today Show: Pierce Brosnan Acting

Matt Lauer asked Pierce Brosnan how it is that he’s managed to keep finding great projects for so long. Pierce Brosnan said it was because he loved what he does and because he’s still driven. He said that he’s “very much aware” of his life and how much time there is left.

Today Show: Pierce Brosnan Turning 60

Pierce Brosnan said that turning 60 makes him feel more alive. He said sometimes it “rattles and shakes” but ultimately he feels a “gift of life.” He said he loves what he does and he loves the roles he’s done. Matt Lauer asked him if he was going to be content to do smaller roles after playing larger-than-life characters like James Bond. This was like the third question in a row that Matt Lauer asked that basically implied Pierce Brosnan was a dinosaur on his way out to pasture. I mean, it’s 2013. Sixty isn’t what it used to be.

Pierce Brosnan did say he was filming a spy movie soon in Belgrade called November Man. But he added that there’s only a short amount of time that you can do spy movies and you have to know your place in life, but that he still had dreams and aspirations he intended to fulfill. I wonder if anyone asks Sean Connery these kinds of questions.


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