Today Show: Philip Galanes Social Q’s & Pay Half a Speeding Ticket?


Today Show: Social Q’s With Philip Galanes

Philip Galanes, the New York Times Social Q’s columnist, stopped by the Today Show to go over some awkward situations and what he would suggest doing in the moment. From birthday party invitation conundrums to speeding ticket fiascos, Galanes has the right answers for any type of situation.

Today Show: Who To Invite To a Child’s Birthday Party

One woman wrote into the Social Q’s column that she always invites her daughter’s entire class to her birthday parties but this year, for her 11th birthday, her daughter does not want to invite two girls because she said they are mean. Would it be even more mean not to invite them?


Natalie Morales said at a certain age, around 11, it is better to just have small parties. Invite her five best girlfriends and have a nice sleepover. Galanes said it was the perfect answer and the same way he would handle the situation.

Today Show: Philip Galanes Social Q's & Pay Half a Speeding Ticket?

The Today Show and Social Q’s columnist Philip Galanes went over what to do when you get a speeding ticket while driving someone else somewhere.

Today Show: Speeding Ticket While Driving Someone Else

Another woman wrote into the column saying she gave her brother a ride to the train station because he was late for work. In a hurry to get him there, she began speeding which resulted in her being pulled over and given a $60 ticket. She said her brother has not offered to pay even half of the ticket and it is killing her waiting for him to give her money.


Savannah Guthrie said her brother shouldn’t have to pay any of the ticket because no one forced her to drive. She was the one who chose to drive and she was the one who was speeding. Guthrie did point out it would be nice for her brother to offer some money, but there is no obligation for him to do so.

Galanes said when she used the words “killing me” it was a red flag to him because it shows she is angry. He said if she was going to ask for money, she should wait until she isn’t as upset.

Today Show: Couple Fights Over Politics

A middle-aged woman wrote into the column saying she is divorced and she has finally found a man she enjoys spending time with except they fight very often about politics. Should they call it quits or stick it out?

Guthrie said people are going to fight and they need to figure out how to have disagreements and they need to find different topics to talk about. Morales on the other hand said they need to take politics off the table and agree to disagree over those issues.

Galanes agreed with Guthrie more and said this couple needs to learn how to fight, they need to learn how to talk with each other and they need to learn how to disagree.

Today Show: Snow Plowing Other Driveways

A woman wrote into the column and said her husband always snow plows their elderly neighbor’s driveway but the elderly woman has never paid him once for his services or even told him thank you. Should they just stop plowing the driveway?

Morales didn’t think they should ask for money and she said if they want to stop then they should. It might be morally wrong to just quit but it is also wrong of the woman to never say thank you.

Phillip Galanes had a more passive aggressive approach to the situation. He said he would knock on the door and ask the woman if she has any type of arrangements to get her driveway plowed as he noted how much it is going to snow soon. She might get the hint.

Al Roker seemed to have the most sensible approach to the situation though. He said he would simply ask the woman to say thank you to her husband for plowing the driveway.

Today Show: Ski Trip Cancellations

Lastly, a woman wrote into the column saying she and another family decided to split a condo for a ski trip. After she put down the deposit and only a week before the ski trip was taking place, the other family backed out doesn’t want to pay their half. Should they have to?

Everyone on the show agreed if you make a commitment like that, you are obligated to pay even if you are not going.


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