Today Show: Paul Rudd Admission Review & Anchorman 2 Starts Shooting


Today Show: Paul Rudd Admission Review

Paul Rudd has one hot and steamy shower scene with Tina Fey in his new movie, Admission. The movie centers around Tina Fey, a Princeton admissions officer traveling to an alternative school run by one of her former college classmates, played by Rudd. While there, Rudd and Fey have an uncanny connection but the visit is also pressing because Rudd wants to introduce Fey to one special student at the school before he leaves to travel the world.

Today Show: Paul Rudd Admission Review & Anchorman 2 Starts Shooting

The Today Show talked with Paul Rudd about his role in Admission, how shooting Anchorman 2 has been and whether he would have gotten past admissions tests. (Jaguar PS /


The shower scene isn’t actually that steamy in any sense of the word. In the movie they are actually showering in two separate showers, and Rudd said they shot the scene at 2 a.m. and the water was freezing cold. Rudd said the steam coming from the showers isn’t even real.

Rudd said the movie is a good representation of what it is like dealing with college admissions, although he probably wouldn’t know since he never applied to any colleges. (He did go to the University of Kansas though. Maybe he didn’t have to apply for some reason?) He said his parents were British so they never even understood how the schooling in America works. Plus, he said he wouldn’t have been accepted to any colleges anyways. Don’t worry about his children though. Rudd said when he gets home today he is going over essay questions with his three-year-old.

Today Show: Paul Rudd Presents Academy Award To Man In a Kilt

Paul Rudd joked with the Today Show that he is in a very small category when it comes to presenters at the Academy Awards. He is probably one of the only presenters to have presented an award to someone wearing a kilt. It was for the movie Brave, so it kind of made sense.


Today Show: Paul Rudd Mustache

Paul Rudd interrupted the interview with the Today Show a few times as he checked out his new mustache in the camera. He said he felt naked on the set of Admission without his overgrown mustache. Good thing he has started filming Anchorman 2.

Today Show: Paul Rudd Filming Anchorman 2

Rudd said they have started shooting Anchorman 2, which is the reason he has grown out his mustache for so long. He said shooting the movie so many years after the first one is surreal, but he said he has been having a ton of fun making the movie.


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