Today Show: Heaven Hears Review, Pat Boone & Marijuana Brownies


Today Show: Pat & Debby Boone

“God didn’t make this happen – he allowed it to happen.” These might sound like strange words to say in the wake of a tragedy, but when talking about his grandson Ryan Corbin’s near-death 40-foot fall that took place 12 years ago, Pat Boone says it was meant to be. It is the opinion Pat’s daughter, Lindy Boone, that Ryan’s survival can be attributed to prayer – a sentiment she expands upon in her new book Heaven Hears.

In case you didn’t guess, the Boone family is one of faith. Known for a successful music career that spanned the 1950s and ’60s, Pat Boone also found success as an actor and author. His daughter, Debbie Boone, also found musical success with gospel hits such as “You Light Up My Life.”


Today Show: Lindy Boone & Ryan Corbin

Today Show: Heaven Hears Review, Pat Boone & Marijuana Brownies

Lindy Boone writes about how prayer aided in Ryan’s recovery in ‘Heaven Hears.’ (s_bukley /

Where Lindy Boone comes into the limelight is with her new book, Heaven Hears, inspired by her son Ryan’s near-fatal fall 12 years ago. While going to the rooftop with a friend to get some sun, he fell 40 feet through an unmarked skylight while Lindy was in Spain. He wasn’t expected to live.

Despite his agnostic views, Larry King, a friend of the family, brought the Boones on his show to ask that his massive audience pray for the Boones and Ryan’s recovery. After the show aired, they were flooded with letters and prayers from people. Heaven Hears is about how Lindy feels that these prayers were answered.


Today Show: Power of Prayer

“When I was in Spain, I was so thankful for the gift of prayer,” said Lindy, “I couldn’t get to my son for 24 hours, so the prayer was vital.”

Today, Ryan is doing well. According to Lindy, he is talking, eating, moving, and most importantly, happy.

Today Show: Medical Marijuana Brownies

This is where marijuana comes into play. Wait, what?

Yes, the Boones are permitted by law to supply Ryan with medicinal marijuana. After suffering massive brain trauma from the fall, Ryan’s fight or flight instinct is triggered by the presence of men who he has not been acquainted with–which you can imagine would make ventures into public places a challenge. By giving Ryan a brownie before prior to going out in public, it allows Ryan to relax in situations he might otherwise be uncomfortable in.

Today Show: Heaven Hears Review

Debbie Boone, despite being saddened by this tragedy, feels that it has brought the family together and strengthened their faith.

To find out more about the family’s challenges following Ryan’s incident, pick up Heaven Hears by Lindy Boone.


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