Today Show: Obama New Gun Legislation & is North Korea a Threat to US?


Today Show: Savannah Guthrie Interviews President Obama

Just hours before the bombing at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, the Today Show’s Savannah Guthrie sat down with President Obama to talk about North Korea, whether they have the technology to launch a nuclear missile and the potential passing of new gun legislation in America.

Today Show: New Gun Control Legislation Has Potential To Pass

President Obama told Guthrie the new gun control legislation has the potential to pass if Congress listens to the people of America. A new poll has shown 90 percent of Americans are in favor of new gun control legislation that will make it more difficult for people to buy guns. He said it is almost unimaginable that Congress will not listen to America after the tragedy in Newtown.


Guthrie pointed out Obama is asking conservatives to make a tough political vote, one he himself did not make in the past. He told her now is the time to make the decision, regardless of what was voted for in the past. He said it is true that it will be difficult from a political standpoint to get conservatives to make the vote because of the gun lobbyists. But he asked, “what is the right thing to?”

Today Show: Obama New Gun Legislation & is North Korea a Threat to US?

Savannah Guthrie sat down with President Obama to talk about new gun laws, whether North Korea is a threat and if they have nuclear weapons in the country. (maxhphoto /

He continued by saying this is the best offer he can give to the Republicans. He said it gives them everything they want and if they turn it down, it will only show what they really want. He said the plan on the table now will save social security and sustain Medicare for a long time.


Today Show: North Korea Threatens To Launch Missiles

When Guthrie asked President Obama if Kim Jong Un is unstable, the President said he didn’t know him personally but he did say the actions taken by Kim Jong Un have been condoned across the board and his country has been kicked out of the United Nations.

As for North Korea’s show of force lately, Obama said this is not the type of behavior America is going to condone any longer.

“You don’t get to bang a stick on the table and get what you want,” he said.

He also said he expects North Korea to continue making shows of force over the next few weeks although he did not outline a plan while talking with Guthrie. He simply said it is time for North Korea to talk things out diplomatically.

Today Show: Does North Korea Have Nuclear Missiles?

According to President Obama, North Korea does not have the capacity to launch a nuclear missile, although he did add that America is doing everything in their power to make sure we have the resources to deal with a nuclear attack if the calculations were wrong.


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