Today Show: Nicolas Cage The Croods Review & Turning Down Shrek Role


Today Show: Nicolas Cage The Croods Review

Nicolas Cage is lending his voice to the animated movie The Croods. He voices the character of Grug, the father of the Crood family, who is forced to lead his family on a journey to find a new cave after theirs collapses because of an earthquake. The movie also focuses on Grug’s rebellious daughter, Eep, played by Emma Stone, who wants to explore the world and goes against her father’s traditional caveman views.

“I was a rebellious kid too,” Cage said. “I was a huge cause of concern for my entire family.”


Cage said he really “cared about Grug” throughout the filming of the movie. Although Cage said he and Grug have nothing in common, Grug does learn to let go of being so traditional and overprotective by the end of the movie, a move similar to Cage’s own life style.

“It is no secret I have taken risks in my career and my life,” Cage said. “I don’t want to live in fear.”

Today Show: Nicolas Cage The Croods Review & Turning Down Shrek Role

The Today Show talked with Nicolas Cage about his new role in The Croods, living a simple life in Las Vegas and he talked about turning down Shrek. (Helga Esteb /


Maybe he is trying to be more like Grug. Maybe Cage is still waiting to evolve. Regardless of what Cage is waiting for, he said the one thing that made him proud to voice Grug is that Grug invents the hug.

Today Show: Nicolas Cage The Croods Premiere

Cage, who hasn’t been on the Today Show since 2006, said The Croods is a family movie that even his own family has been enjoying. He told the Today Show he brought his son with him to the premiere of the movie, but he was a bit afraid for his child’s feedback after seeing the movie, saying his son is an animated movie connoisseur. Luckily, his seven-year-old son said he loved the movie and he has been trying to get Cage to bring his friends to see it with him.

Today Show: Nicolas Cage Has Filmed Over 70 Movies

Nicolas Cage has starred in over 70 films in his 33 year career and all of it has gone by in a huge blur. He joked that after he turns 50 this year he is going to head out into the Mojave Desert and just reflect back on his life.

Until then, Cage said he is happy living in Las Vegas with his son and wife, saying he lives a “simple life.” He takes his child to school every morning, he works out, he goes to lunch with his wife, he picks his son up and he does it over the next day.

Today Show: Nicolas Cage Turned Down Role In Shrek

There have been rumors floating around that Nicolas Cage turned down the role of Shrek and he said it is true. A lot of people were speculating on the reason saying he didn’t take it because of how ugly Shrek is, but Cage said that is ridiculous, pointing out how ugly he looked in Adaptation.

He said the only reason he turned down the role was because he didn’t think he could make Shrek lovable. On the other hand, Cage felt as if he could make the kind of scary character of Grug feel like a big, cuddly teddy bear.


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