Today Show: Movie Inspired Vacations to Philadelphia, Virginia & Paris


Today Show: Movie Inspired Vacations

With the Academy Awards airing this Sunday the Today Show wanted to get in the Oscar mood by checking out some great vacation deals centered around different movies nominated this year. To find the best deals and the best locations to travel to, they called on the help of Kate Maxwell, Editor in Chief of Jetsetter.

Although anyone can enjoy the following vacations without having seen a single movie in 2012, Maxwell said all these destinations will be even more interesting to a movie buff.


Today Show: Silver Linings Playbook – Philadelphia Vacation

For Silver Linings Playbook, Maxwell came up with a $259 stay at the Omni Hotel where you can eat breakfast at the same diner Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence eat at in the movie, you get a tour of the Philadelphia Eagles’ stadium and the hotel will throw in new running shoes so you can recreate those magical moments from the movie.

Today Show: Movie Inspired Vacations to Philadelphia, Virginia & Paris

The Today Show and Jetsetter went over the best movie inspired vacations to Paris, Philadelphia, Virginia, D.C. and New Orleans.

Today Show: Argo – Washington, D.C. Vacation

Inspired by the movie Argo, this next travel package is for the Donovan House where guests will get free tickets to the Spy Museum and the special Argo exhibit taking place now.


Today Show: Beasts Of the Southern Wild – Louisiana Vacation

The next destination was inspired by Beasts of the Southern Wild. Maxwell suggested staying at a number of hotels in the southern part of New Orleans where everyone who stays will get free tickets to the Audubon Zoo to check out some of the native animals commonly seen in the movie.

Today Show: Lincoln – Virginia Vacation

The fourth vacation package is in Virginia where much of Lincoln was shot. Guests will be staying in the Berkeley Hotel in Richmond where they will have ample amount of time to check out all the historical sites around the city.

Today Show: Les Miserables – Paris Vacation

Finally, Maxwell had a Paris vacation inspired by Les Miserables. Guests will stay at the Hotel Le Bellechasse where they will be given a free electric bike tour of the city.


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