Today Show: Mother’s Day Supermom Starts Being Beautiful Foundation


Today Show: Mother’s Day Supermom Valerie Helps Foster Children

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, the Today Show took a moment to give credence to someone they believe is truly a super mom. Valerie and Larry Crabbe, who live just outside of Philadelphia, have one of the most interesting families around.

Today Show: Mother's Day Supermom Starts Being Beautiful Foundation

A Mother’s Day supermom started the Being Beautiful Foundation to help foster children.


Valerie’s First Adoption, Angela

When they first married, both already had three children from past marriages, but it wasn’t enough. Within a year of the marriage, Valerie was responding to an ad for troubled foster children to adopt a little girl, Angela. Though she had been through 10 foster families, Val still wanted her. In a crushing development, though, she was given to another family. Val’s mom was visiting that day, and told her not to worry, that she would most certainly be getting Angela. Two hours later, Val’s mother died.

Later that night, though, Val got a call from the foster agency, asking if she still wanted Angela.

Once they got Angela, though, she was immediately asking for a baby sister, and that’s how Val and Larry soon ended up with Audelia.


Angela Got Off To Rough Start

Life with Angela wasn’t always easy, though. Having been through 10 foster homes, she was fully expecting that Val was going to get rid of her. She would go into temper tantrums and turn her room upside down, screaming, “you’re gonna get rid of me!” Instead of getting angry at the behavior, though, Val tore Angela’s room up right along with her. That’s the moment Angela realized that Val was in this for the long haul.

Things are much better now, and both children are flourishing. Angela is on the honor roll with straight A’s, while Audelia is planning to be a doctor when she grows up.

The Being Beautiful Foundation

The family does concede that their racially blended family took some getting used to. However, they all have a lot of love and respect for their mom, whom they all look up to. She is always looking to take in more children. They all hope that Valerie’s giving nature will inspire some other people on Mother’s Day.

Larry has learned, through all of this, that more is better. When their current nest grows up and leaves he says there will probably be another crew coming right in. “She’s a super mom,” he said. What makes a better Mother’s Day gift than being called a super mom?

Valerie and Larry aren’t keeping the love all to themselves, though. The have started the Being Beautiful Foundation to help foster children and promote adoption. Very noble!


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