Today Show: Millions Raised on Celebrity Apprentice All Star Season 13


Today Show: 13th Season Of Celebrity Apprentice Review

Season 13 of Celebrity Apprentice is set to premiere this March 3 2013 and Donald Trump is bringing back the best celebrities from the past to compete on his all-star edition of the show.

Some of the celebrities being invited back include Gary Busey, Steven Baldwin, Lil Jon, Bret Michaels and Omarosa. Although they have only shot some of the events that will take place on the show, Trump said everyone is being as tough and nasty as they were before. As for the people he picked, Trump said he wanted to pick the best people from the past (Bret Michaels) as well as the celebrities the audience wants to watch the most (Gary Busey). “It is terrific,” Trump said. “Busey is better than ever and Omarosa is getting mean.”


Today Show: Millions Raised on Celebrity Apprentice All Star Season 13

The Today Show found out how much money is being raised on Celebrity Apprentice All-Star, and Donald Trump revealed why Brett Micheals shouldn’t have been on the show. (lev radin /

Trump is also doing it a bit differently this season than in seasons past. He isn’t going to be splitting the teams up into men versus women, instead letting two team captains to choose their own teams, even if he thinks men versus women works better. He said he made the choice to do it this way because everyone has competed against each other before and he wants to make it more challenging.

Today Show: Ivanka Trump Fascinated By Gary Busey

Ivanka Trump also sat down with the Today Show where she told them Gary Busey fascinates her, saying he sees the world through “another prism.” She also used the words “intense” and “passionate” to describe Busey’s mostly over-the-top way of going through the day. She doesn’t just have a connection with Busey, though. Ivanka said she has been able to become friends with many of the contestants on the show and she has been able to get a sense of all of them on the show and off the show.


“Some are softer in real life while others are the same all the time,” Ivanka said.

Today Show: Bret Michaels Shouldn’t Be On Celebrity Apprentice

Donald Trump didn’t want Bret Michaels to come back for the all-star edition of Celebrity Apprentice. He told the Today Show Michaels is the only contestant to have won in the past and he thought he should quit while he is on top. But Michaels didn’t have the same idea in mind. He told Trump he wants to come back to because he wants to raise money for charity. And they are raising some serious money this season.

Trump said on the first night of the new episode they raised over $1 million for charity.


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