Today: Michelle Rodriguez Fast & Furious 6 Preview & Letty’s Return


Today Show: Michelle Rodriguez Fast & Furious 6 Preview

Michelle Rodriguez came by Today Show May 24 2013 to give us a sneak peek of Fast And Furious 6, which  hits theatres today. Michelle Rodriguez plays Letty in the series of movies, but she almost didn’t reprise the role of Toretto’s (played by Vin Diesel) love interest after the studio killed her off in the fourth movie, Fast &

Furious. After the fans called for her return, though, Vin Diesel went to the studio to writers to script her back into the movie, and so it was. The surprise was that she didn’t know that she was going to be in the sixth movie until she went to the premiere of the fifth movie, Fast Fivewhere a picture of Letty was shown at the end of the movie.


Show: Michelle Rodriguez Fast & Furious 6 Preview & Letty's Return

Michelle Rodriguez previewed Fast & Furious 6 on the show today.

Today Show: Michelle Rodriguez Fights Gina Carano

Michelle Rodriguez had a fight scene with mixed martial artist Gina Carano in Fast & Furious 6, and she didn’t use a stunt double. Michelle said that the tomboy in her told her that she had to do the scene because she had to represent all those tomboys around the world. Watching a preview of the scene during the show, it looked like something any other actress would have probably had someone do for them. Big ups on being tough, Michelle!

Today Show: Michelle Rodriguez Reveals Fast & Furious 7

Michelle Rodriguez, in anticipation of Fast & Furious 6, was on the cover of Cosmopolitan, something that goes pretty hard against her tomboy nature. She was pretty quick to change the subject from that to the reason she won’t be able to take the break from acting she’s been wanting anytime soon – Fast & Furious 7 is already in pre production. Well, I’m excited.



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