Today Show: Michelle Obama Let’s Move Initiative & Handling Criticism


Today Show: Michelle Obama Let’s Move Initiative

Michelle Obama believes the Let’s Move initiative hasn’t changed the obesity rate in America but has played a major role in changing the conversation about childhood obesity. She said she took on a problem that was not getting the attention it deserved and she worked with people to come up with solutions to the problem. A lot of people thought it was too hard to solve the problem but Michelle Obama told the Today Show she has been inviting people to help her along the way, partnering with whoever else wanted to see a change in the obesity rates in our country.

Today Show: Michelle Obama Let's Move Initiative & Handling Criticism

Michelle Obama stopped by the Today Show to talk about her Let’s Move campaign, how she handles the criticism and changing the conversation about obesity. (meltechfoto /


In her hometown of Chicago, Michelle Obama started moving during a Let’s Move campaign with 6,000 children in the audience. She also gave a speech to the children letting them know she is no different than they are. She knows there are children who come from homes where they see struggle, or from neighborhoods with gang violence or from schools without the right resources. She wants them to know there is no magic to achievement. She said it is about hard work and persistence, which goes for everything in life, from obesity to schoolwork. Although she may be working hard to change obesity rates, Michelle Obama said getting an education is the most important thing any child can do.

“It was my ticket to opportunities my parents never had,” Obama said.

Today Show: Michelle Obama Oscar Criticism

After presenting the Best Picture Award at the Oscars, Michelle Obama caught a little criticism but she knows it is just the nature of life. With all the bloggers, tweeters and 24 hour news on the internet and on television, she told the Today Show she knows she can’t make everyone happy.


“Everyone has a voice and that is a good thing,” Michelle Obama said. “At any point someone won’t like what you do though.”

The criticism she receives is something she doesn’t want her daughters to go through. They know they are in the spotlight, but she tries to keep them out of the public eye as much as possible. As she put it, she wants to “keep them on the track of their lives.”

Today Show: Michelle Obama “It’s Just a Haircut”

Everyone has been talking about Michelle Obama’s new hair, too much in my opinion, and she seems to agree. With all these people trying to analyze her haircut and say she is happier and that’s why she cut her hair or even calling her bangs butterfly wings, Michelle Obama said “it is just a haircut.” She even pointed out that her hair was much shorter two years ago and no one seemed to care.

Today Show: Michelle Obama Mom Dance Viral Video

Michelle Obama was on Jimmy Kimmel Live a few weeks ago and her skit with him, The Mom Dance, has become a viral video. You should check it out and let us know if you think Michelle Obama is overstepping her bounds as First Lady.


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