Today Show: Megan Hilty It Happens All The Time Album & Smash Review


Today Show: Megan Hilty Smash Season Two

Megan Hilty, who plays the role of Ivy Lynn on the TV series Smash, said her character is trying to turn over a new leaf in the second season of the show. Although Ivy Lynn is a character most associated with being ambitious yet mean at times, Hilty said she isn’t the Ivy Lynn everyone got to know in season one.

Besides her character’s transformation, Hilty said she is excited for all the guest stars this season, especially Sean Patrick Hayes. She said he is going to blow the audience away when they hear him sing. And they might even be taken aback by how much of a jerk he is on the show, something the Today Show said he definitely is not in real life.


Today Show: Megan Hilty It Happens All The Time Album & Smash Review

The Today Show talked with Megan Hilty about Smash and her debut album of original material. (Joe Seer /

Today Show: Megan Hilty, It Happens All the Time Review

Hilty is also excited about her new album, It Happens All the Time, a collection of songs that are half originals, half covers and all Megan Hilty. For the first time Hilty said she is doing an album all by herself without it being attached to a character or the show. They aren’t all show tunes either. Hilty said she wanted to go in a different direction with her music.

Today Show: Homemade Indoor Terrariums

Your home can get a bit drab in the winter and the best way to spice it up is by bringing the outside, inside. The Today Show invited lifestyle expert Annette Joseph on the show to teach the viewers how they can make their own terrariums with stuff they have at home. You still need the plants, but the pots are sitting right under your nose.


Joseph said any type of pot will do. She made a closed terrarium with a cake platter, she made an open terrarium with old coffee tins and she even made one with a pre-made terrarium she bought from West Elm.

Below are a number of tips Joseph had for planting your indoor terrarium:

  • Always mist the plants, do not overly water the plants.
  • The plants need a lot of sunshine. Window sills are the perfect place.
  • Always put gravel on the bottom of the pot, then the dirt, then the plant.
  • Less is always more. Don’t overfill the pot.
  • Terrariums with lids won’t need to be watered as much as those without lids.

She also suggested starting a seedling garden in the winter and then transplant the plants to the garden in the summer.


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