Today Show: Martha Stewart on & Living the Good Life Review


Today Show: Martha Stewart Living the Good Life Review

Martha Stewart has written 79 books in her lifetime and her newest book is called Living the Good Life. In it she talks about growing older, how she feels about her age and not showing any signs of slowing down.

The Today Show sent Matt Lauer to talk with her about the book, but Martha Stewart put him to work first. She had him helping her plant her gardens, plow her fields and move mulch around the property before she sat down for any type of interview.


Martha Stewart: Not Scared Of Aging

At the age of 71, Martha Stewart still doesn’t think about aging. The first time the thought popped into her mind wasn’t the days she turned 40 or even 50. It was the day her mother died. Until then though, Martha Stewart had always been content with how she felt. She told Matt Lauer she feels 45 or 50.

Today Show: Martha Stewart on & Living the Good Life Review

Matt Lauer sat down with Martha Stewart to talk about her new book, Living the Good Life, and why she has decided to start dating again using (image credit: s_bukley,

I wonder what her RealAge would be?


Martha Stewart: Golden Rules Of Aging

Martha Stewart has some golden rules when it comes to aging. Sleep is the first key to staying youthful. Sunscreen is her second rule and her third is to stop complaining, change the things you can and accept the things you things you can not.

You might think it is hard following those rules for Martha Stewart. I mean it is Martha Stewart, a women who wrote her first book at 40 and had an empire started by the time she was 50, but she would disagree.

“I’ve never not wanted to be Martha Stewart,” she said. “You work hard to become who you are.”

Martha Stewart Fans Live Different Lives Than Her

Matt Lauer pointed out many Martha Stewart fans are living a completely different life than her but she disagreed. She said the woman at the diner who waits on her is living as nice a life as her. She might want to better herself, which she has the chance to do. It is a step Martha Stewart has been at before. She built her own empire, growing up “less than normal,” one of six kids to parents who worked very hard to put a modest roof over their children’s heads.

Martha Stewart On

Matt Lauer was amazed there is so little written about Martha Stewart’s personal life but she felt like opening up today. She told Lauer she had a longtime boyfriend but that ended a few years ago. Now she is looking to date again. She even thought about signing up for but never got around to filling out the entire profile.

For the question asking what are you looking for in man, Stewart wrote she wants a man who is youngish, active, energetic, outdoorish, smart, successful and tallish.

Is there any woman who wouldn’t want a man with all those characteristics?

Today Show: Martha Stewart Dating Again

Martha Stewart told Matt Lauer she wanted to start dating again after she read the book Love in the Time of Algorithms, a book about using dating sites to find Mr. Right.

Sam Yagan, the CEO of, said millions of people have signed up for the dating website and many have found their lifelong partners. Although he wouldn’t use the phrase “soul mate” when saying he would help Martha Stewart, he guaranteed he would be able to find her some great first dates.

As for how Martha Stewart should go about making her profile, he said she should not use her full name or even her picture because people will be more apt to talk to her just because she is Martha Stewart and not because they want to get to know her.


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