Today Show: Martha Stewart Meets Her Matches Stan and Larry


Today Show: Martha Stewart’s Matches

Martha Stewart is taking her first stab at online dating, all in the spirit of adventure. She’s not really looking for love or a life partner, but for a few really great first dates – though one day she does want to find a mate. One of the first things that Martha said when the show started was that this is not staged. Martha wanted to give women hope that they can find love at any stage of their lives.

Martha Stewart’s Men – Stan and Larry

Today Show: Martha Stewart Meets Her Matches Stan and Larry

Martha Stewart came to the Today Show to see who her matches are. (image credit: Miro Vrlik Photography /


Her first match was Stan, someone Martha had actually worked with in the past. Stan is an independent film writer and maker. He loves dogs, Sunday afternoons and summertime (no long walks on the beach).

Martha’s second match was Larry. He trades steel internationally. He loves travelling, reading, walking, the New York Philharmonic, swimming and the ocean. He has a daughter and a son, who are living in New York. He’s looking for someone who hasn’t forgotten what love is all about.

Why Stan and Larry Want To Date Martha Stewart

Stan said Martha was a pick for him because he always enjoyed his time with her while filming commercials together when they worked with each other. He admitted to having a bit of a crush on her back then, too.


Larry said that he went after Martha because much of what he read on Martha’s profile about dating and love fell in line with his thoughts. People of their age aren’t really afraid of much, but the feelings of trepidation make them fearful of getting into a relationship with someone.

While Stan said that he wasn’t really given pause by Martha’s fame, Larry said that he was, feeling that he may look like an opportunist just searching for a way to squeeze into the spotlight with Martha. Once again, Martha wanted to stress that this was real, and said that her friends had already tried fixing her love life in the past, failing miserably at it.

Zach Galifianakis Dating Martha Stewart?

Martha Stewart took a moment to pat the two on the back for having the bravery to do all of this while on national television. While Martha is used to being in front of a camera, Larry and Stan aren’t, and Martha commended the guts it took to come on national television and put themselves out there like that.

One late addition to the dating circle was Zach Galifianakis, who brought a massive bouquet of flowers out for Martha. Silly Zach, you’re a guest on today’s show, not a Martha Stewart love interest.


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