Today Show: Maddie On Things Review & Maddie the Coonhound On Twitter


Today Show: Maddie On Things Review

When Theron Humphrey, a photographer, started to post pictures of his rescued coon hound, Maddie, that he snapped on a cross-country road trip, the dog quickly became a star. With an uncanny ability to balance in the strangest of positions and a great personality, Maddie the coonhound was a picture perfect subject for Theron Humphrey’s new book Maddie On Things.

Today Show: Maddie On Things Review & Maddie the Coonhound On Twitter

Maddie the coonhound was rescued by Theron Humphrey, whose book Maddie On Things documents their road trip.


The Story Of Maddie the Coonhound

Suffering from a broken heart and growing weary of the corporate world, Theron Humphrey made the decision to strike out on an adventure of his home. Before he left, though, he got a companion to bring with him, and that came in the form of Maddie, who he rescued from a shelter down in Atlanta.

Theron discovered Maddie’s balancing act when he placed her on the roof of his pickup truck to snap a photo of her, and she just stood there, totally unwavering in a situation many other dogs may be uncomfortable in. Soon after, said Humphrey, the project just grew from there.

The pair traveled to all 50 states last year, and Humphrey just kind of placed Maddie on top of things as he went, documenting each pose.


Maddie the Coonhound Becomes a Star

The project started really small and grew organically from there, said Humphrey. Playing on humans’ innate incapability to find just about any dog not cute in some way, his project pulled at the heartstrings of the public.

Humphrey has tons of followers on Twitter and Instagram and was even recognized in New York on his way to the studio. Maddie and Humphrey will be going on a 50 state book tour this year and taking another documentary titled Why We Rescue to tell the stories of other rescued animals.

Though there have been a few things she hasn’t been willing to do, she’s capable of doing just about anything. Her capabilities have inspired Humphrey to think of another project, Maddie posed with…sandwiches? You dog lovers are crazy.


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