Today Show: Little Book of Sloths Review & Sloths Have No Type of Odor


Today Show: Little Book Of Sloths Review

In 2010, filmaker and zoologist Lucy Cooke visited a sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica, which inspired her to make some videos of the cute little animals. A little while after putting the videos on the internet, they went viral which sparked another idea in Cooke’s head: a children’s book. She went on to write the children’s book Little Book of Sloths and she stopped by the Today Show to talk about her fascination with sloths. She even brought one with her on the show.

Cooke told the Today Show she has been fascinated by sloths ever since her visit to Costa Rica. After traveling to the sanctuary she knew she wanted to learn as much as she could about the furry animals. One of the reasons she told the Today Show she loves sloths so much is because they are genetically programmed to hug.


Today Show: Little Book of Sloths Review & Sloths Have No Type of Odor

The Today Show talked with Lucy Cooke about her fascination with sloths, her book Little Book of Sloths and she revealed sloths don’t have body odor.

Cooke went on to the tell the co-hosts sloths spend about 80 percent of their time resting but that does not make them lazy. She said being slow is a great strategy for the sloth. She also said the sloth naturally likes being in the upside-down position but sometimes, if it is on the ground, it will crawl on it’s belly.

Today Show: Sloths Have No Odor

Don’t worry about the sloth making too much noise or smelling strange if you ever meet one. Cooke said sloths do not make noise and they have no odor. It is part of their strategy to live. By looking like a tree, it is often hard for predators to spot a sloth clinging to a tree.


Today Show: Sloths Only Use Restroom Once a Week

Slothes aren’t even that messy either. They only use the restroom once a week because it takes them about a month just to digest one leaf, according to Cooke. She called them “hanging digestive bags.” She also pointed out that although the sloth on the Today Show, CC, was munching on some fruit, they normally eat leaves in the wild.

Today Show: Sloth Predator, the Harpey Eagle

The one main predator of the sloth, according to Cooke, is the Harpey Eagle, a eagle with the largest talons of any living eagle, even larger than a grizzly bear’s.

Cooke added that there is no count for the number of sloths left in the world. She said the pygmy sloths are known to be endangered but other types of sloths, which are not studied often, have no exact numbers in the wild.


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