Today Show: Kylie Bisutti Quits Modeling Career & I’m No Angel Review


Today Show: Former Victoria’s Secret Model Leaves Career To Pursue Her Faith

Kylie Bisutti took the modeling world by storm in 2009 at age 19 when America voted her, out of 10,000 contestants, to be a Victoria’s Secret model in the “Victoria’s Secret Model Search.” Kylie had worked other modeling jobs for years prior to this, and this was her crowning achievement in her modeling career.

Eventually, however, Kylie Bisutti began to feel like she was portraying an image that she did not find to be desirable. Eventually, that feeling was strong enough to make her give up a lucrative career and move to Bigfork, Montana with her husband to live a more modest life.


Now, she uses her story to counsel young girls on Christian values, values that she reflects in her new book, I’m No Angel

Today Show: Kylie Bisutti Quits Modeling Career & I'm No Angel Review

Kylie Bisutti talked about her new book, I’m No Angel and her modeling career. (image credit: Joe Seer /

Kylie Bisutti Thinks Modeling Industry Exploits Young Women

Though modeling was her lifelong dream, when Kylie Bisutti started to model lingerie, she started to feel used and thought that her husband should be the only man to see her dressed in such a way. She felt that it went beyond selling lingerie and that the industry exploits young girls to market promiscuity. Though she took her time realizing this, given how apparent it is just what Victoria’s Secret is selling, Kylie is just thankful the realization came along sooner rather than later.


Kylie Bisutti I’m Not Angel Review

In order to defend themselves from Kylie Bisutti’s unflattering statements she made about the industry, Victoria’s Secret did some good ol’ fashioned mud slinging of their own, calling her nothing but a contestant winner who was given a one-time privilege to walk the runway. They say she is over-stating her relationship with the company to sell books.

Kylie’s response to this is that her book isn’t really about Victoria’s Secret, but the fashion industry as a whole, with the eating disorders and image issues that it allegedly causes.

Kylie Bisutti Talks About Pressures Of Industry

After her agency actually called her fat, Kylie Bisutti went on many different crash diets to cut weight, and this wasn’t something was only happening to her during her time as a model. Throughout her career, she was making major sacrifices like this thinking that it would all pay off and get better. As she saw more and more models collapsing after runways shows and others being hospitalized for eating disorders, though, she realized that none of this was going to go away.

Kylie Bisutti Has No Regrets

Did Kylie Bisutti find it difficult to give up a potentially illustrious career and a lifelong dream? Amazingly, no. She is at total peace about her decision and has no regrets about making her decision.

If you want to read a little more about Kylie’s story, check out her book, I’m No Angel.


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