Today Show: Kristen McCamy Loses 125 Lbs & Raises Money Using Facebook


Today: Kristen McCamy Loses 125 Lbs For Friend With Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

After years of struggling with her weight loss, Kristen McCamy found the strength and willpower to lose 125 pounds and it came from an unlikely place – she decided to raise money for her friend with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. McCamy told the Today Show the first big motivator in her life to lose some weight was her son. There was a time when she went to an amusement park with him but she was too big to ride on the roller coaster with him. She couldn’t fit into the seat and had to wait for her son at the exit. It was devastating to her. She knew she needed to lose weight.

Today Show: Kristen McCamy Loses 125 Lbs & Raises Money Using Facebook

The Today Show talked with Kristen McCamy about why she wanted to lose weight for her son and to help her friend fight a disease and using Facebook to do both.


Even with her newfound motivation to lose weight, McCamy said she was still struggling with the weight loss. She continually fell off the diet wagon. She told the Today Show she couldn’t stick to her diet until she decided to make a commitment she couldn’t fail at.

McCamy decided to raise money for her friend Stephanie, who had recently been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She started a Facebook page where she would keep track of her weight loss and she asked that everyone on the page donate $.50 for every pound she lost to her friend or to a charity of their choice.

“I pushed that button and I was like ‘here we go,'” said McCamy of starting the Facebook page.


Today Show: Kristen McCamy Loses 70 Pounds In Seven Months

McCamy challenged herself to lose as much weight as she could before her birthday that was seven months away. She told the Today Show she never set a goal for her weight loss, she simply wanted to reward herself with the weight loss and try to help her friend along the way.

It was a struggle for her to lose the weight but she knew she had to try. She had a Facebook page where people were watching her weight loss, she had a friend who could use the extra money to help pay for her cancer treatments and she knew she was not going to let herself down either.

Seven months after starting the Facebook page, she had lost the 70 pounds, or as her son put it, he could finally wrap his arms around his mom when he gave her a hug.

Today Show: Kristen McCamy Learns To Stop Hiding Behind Her Weight

Looking back on the photos of herself before the weight loss, McCamy said she couldn’t believe how big she was.

“That was my past, that was me, that was what the outside looked like and it represented my inside,” McCamy said.

McCamy said before she started to lose the weight, she was hiding behind her weight. The more weight she gained, the more McCamy hid from her family and friends. She didn’t want them to see her at her heaviest, but the Facebook page changed that. She put herself out there every single day, keeping people up to speed on her weight loss. She said it gave her accountability. It forced her to continue losing weight because she knew people were watching this time and she didn’t want to fall off the wagon again.

McCamy may have lost 125 pounds in a little over a year but it was not easy. Adapting to her new lifestyle was hard. The worst part was getting rid of caffeine, she said. As soon as she was able to ween herself off her addiction to caffeine, everything about her new lifestyle began to come easier. The Today Show wondered if she can keep the weight off. According to McCamy, she can. She wants to be healthy and happy the rest of her life.

“I want to die looking how I do today,” she said.


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