Today Show: Kerri Walsh Jennings Gives Birth & Virtual Dressing Room


Today Show: Olympian Kerri Walsh Jennings Gives Birth

Kerri Walsh Jennings was on the Today Show a few months back showing off some of the exercises she likes to do when she is pregnant and they invited her back on the show today to meet the newest addition to the Jennings family, Scout Marjorie Jennings.

The gold medal Olympian told the Today Show she named her daughter Scout after the protagonist in To Kill a Mockingbird, and she gave her the middle name of Marjorie after her grandmother.


Today Show: Kerri Walsh Jennings Gives Birth & Virtual Dressing Room

The Today Show talked with Kerri Walsh Jennings about the birth of her third child, Scout Majorie Jennings, and they tried out a virtual dressing room. (s_bukley /

As for the birth of the child, Jennings said it did not go as expected in the slightest. She said she was dilated on Friday and after waiting all night for her daughter to be born, the doctors induced her Saturday morning. Casey, Jennings’ husband, said within only about 20 minutes the baby started to be born but there were no doctors around. He said no one seemed in a rush to find a doctor because they didn’t think the baby would be born so fast. But he knew it was happening and he said the nurses did a wonderful job delivering the baby although the way he described the scene, it seemed hectic.

About 10 minutes after the baby was born, a doctor finally walked in. Jennings didn’t mind though. She was just glad to finally meet her new daughter.


Today Show: LED Dresses and Virtual Dressing Rooms

Fashion is always evolving but it seems like fashion has skipped a few years of evolution and jumped right to space age type technology. The Today Show talked with tech expert Katie Linendoll about the hottest new technology in fashion.

CuteCircuit Dresses Review

The first piece of fashion technology Linendoll revealed was the CuteCircuit dress she was wearing. The dress comes with a battery pack sewn into the dress that powers a number of LED lights in the dress. The wearer of the dress can change the designs of the LED lights and turn them into 30 different designs. Some of the dresses also come with a downloadable app that can be used to control the lights remotely.

And if you are worried about getting stuck in the rain, Linendoll said the lights are rain proof. The battery is even easy to charge. Simply stick it into the computer’s USB drive.

Swivel By FaceCake Review

Shopping is going to be different in the future, so different you might not even have to try anything on. Swivel by FaceCake is a virtual dressing room. Simply stand in front of the Swivels camera, let the program calibrate your height and weight and then use the computer to chose the type of clothing you want. The clothing then pops up on the screen on your body and you can see how it will look. Linendoll said these are the next big thing in the future and everyone can expect to see them in stores some time in the next couple of years.

Light Up LED Tie Review

Your father may have every kind of tie, but he probably doesn’t have this light up LED tie. The Today Show really liked the tie idea and it even looked pretty snazzy on Willie Geist.


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