Today Show: Julianne Hough Safe Haven & Naomi Campbell The Face Review


Today Show: Julianne Hough, Safe Haven Review

Julianne Hough is spreading her acting wings again for her role in Safe Haven, a film about a women who is fleeing her past and moving on to the future where she tries to learn to love again. Hough said the Nicholas Sparks film had her family tearing up during the premiere.

Hough, who is most recognizable from Dancing with the Stars, said the role was challenging but she liked it. It is a complete departure from what she was doing in the past and she said it was the first time she felt like she was picked for the part because she is an actress.


Today Show: Julianne Hough Safe Haven & Naomi Campbell The Face Review

Today Show talked with Naomi Campbell about her new show The Face and modeling for 28 years. (Featureflash /

The film was also therapeutic for Hough who said it was nice for her to feel free and liberated with her acting. Don’t just think this is a love story either. Hough said the film has some suspense and is a bit of thriller as well. “It keeps you on the edge of your seat” she said.

Safe Haven opens this Thursday, February 14 2013, in theaters nationwide.


Today Show: Naomi Campbell The Face Review

Naomi Campbell was only 15 years when she was discovered and, after working in the modeling business for 28 years, Campbell is moving on to the reality television where she will be coaching a group of women to become models in the new show The Face.

In a clip from the show, Campbell can be seen getting angry with the other coaches on the show because one of the girls in her group was eliminated and Campbell said she was not ready for it. It is a rare glimpse inside the life of Naomi Campbell but she said the show is more about the women than it is about her. Although she admits viewers will see a side of her they never have before, her competitive side, Campbell said the show is about teaching these women how to model, how to live with rejection and show them what modeling is really about.

Today Show: The Face Reality Show

Campbell, who is also the executive producer of The Face, said she is trying to teach the women how modeling has changed as well. When Campbell started modeling years ago, she said it was just about being a pretty face but now it is more than that. Models need to be personable, they need to meet fans, they need to sign autographs, they need to do store signings and anything else the modeling agency might ask. Campbell said she wants to get the women on her show to be ready to be more than just a pretty face.

Don’t get your hopes up for a Naomi Campbell based reality show though. Campbell told the Today Show she would never want cameras following her around all day.

You can see more of Naomi Campbell when The Face airs February 12 2013 on Oxygen.


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