Today Show: Julia Sweeney Adopts Mulan & Met Husband Through Fan Mail


Today Show: Julia Sweeney If It’s Not One thing, It’s Your Mother Review

Julia Sweeney, best known for her character Pat on Saturday Night Live, stopped by the Today Show to talk about her new book, If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Your Mother, a book she wrote at an unusual time in her life.

Sweeney said she wrote the book when she had a month of solitude to herself. Her husband was gone for a month on business and her adopted daughter, Mulan, was gone to camp for a month. She joked about how much she needed the solitude, saying before she adopted all she wanted was a family and then after she created a family for herself, she just wanted everyone to leave her alone.


“I found myself wishing they would just disappear,” Sweeney said.

Today Show: Julia Sweeney Adopts Mulan & Met Husband Through Fan Mail

The Today Show talked with Julia Sweeney about adopting her daughter Mulan, meeting her husband through a fan letter and her book, If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Your Mother. (s_bukley /

Today Show: Julia Sweeney Names Book After a Pillow

The name of the book is quite strange, with Matt Lauer even saying he would vote for it to be the best named book of the year, but the origin is stranger. Sweeney said she got the title for her book from a pillow her mother gave her. The pillow read, “If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Your Mother.” Sweeney’s mother gave it to her after she quit SNL but Sweeney thought it was weird and tossed it in a closet. But when she adopted her child, Sweeney said she finally got the joke and put the pillow on her daughter’s bed, which her daughter hated.


Today Show: Julia Sweeney Motherhood Comes After Cancer

Julia Sweeney said she never wanted to be a mother. She told the Today Show she never wanted a child until after she beat cancer and couldn’t have children any longer. It was then that she adopted Mulan, a name she didn’t give her either.

Sweeney had a funny story about her daughter’s name, too. She said she wanted to change he daughter’s name to Tara when she adopted her, so she began introducing people to her daughter as Tara. One day when she introduced Tara to a young man, Tara wouldn’t say anything until the man asked her what her name was. Sweeney said her daughter told the man her name was Mulan and then looked at her mother with a stern face, basically saying “you can call me Tara, but my name is Mulan.”

As for the Chinese orphanage she was adopted from, they claim she isn’t named after the Disney movie.

Today Show: Julia Sweeney Meets Husband Through Fan Mail

Sweeney and her husband, Michael Blum, were meant to be together and they have one of the strangest stories about how they met. Sweeney said she received some fan mail from her future husband’s brother saying he had the perfect guy for her and he wished she would give him a chance. Sweeney wrote off the letter as an overzealous fan. Over the years she began to meet people who knew the man who wrote the letter and one day she did a show and the man who wrote the letter was there. He introduced Sweeney to his mother, and her future mother-in-law was such a good time that Sweeney decided to find the letter and write back to the man’s brother. Fast forward a few years and she is married to Michael Blum.


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