Today Show: John Boehner State of the Union Guests & Diverse Politics


Today Show: John Boehner State of the Union Guests

John Boehner can reserve a seat at the State of the Union Address for anyone he wants to and he chooses to reserve the two seats for inner city students from St. Anthony’s Catholic School in the Washington D.C. area.

He told the Today Show he saves the seats for the students because he wants them to know it is possible for them to live the American dream. He wants to expose these children to the idea that they can be whatever they want to be in life and he wants to make the American dream accessible to more Americans.


Today Show: John Boehner State of the Union Guests & Diverse Politics

The Today Show sat down with John Boehner to talk about the importance of bringing inner city students to the State of the Union Address. (maxhphoto /

Matt Lauer pointed out the pivotal moment in Bill Clinton’s life when he shook John F. Kennedy’s hand and knew at that moment he wanted to be the President of the United States. Did Boehner think this could have the same effect on these children? “You never know but they might get a big idea and follow their dreams,” Boehner said.

Today Show: John Boehner vs President Obama

Even though Boehner and President Obama are constantly butting heads about their ideas for America, Boehner said he knew the inner city children he brought to the State of the Union Address were going to be in awe when they saw America’s first African American President address the room and he was happy for them.


Boehner said the diversity of the politics and people in the room has changed over the past 20 years. When he began in politics long ago, not many people of color were sitting in the room but now there are 42 individuals in the House, two in the Senate and one Justice of the Supreme Court who have an ethnic background.

Today Show: Republicans vs Democrats

When the President was speaking, Boehner told the Today Show the children were probably not expecting half the room to clap while the other half sat in silence but he said he explained to the children the differences between Republicans and Democrats, hoping they can understand why the politics are divided.

Today Show: John Boehner Guests

The two children who were invited by Boehner, Lacey and Zori, told Matt Lauer they were excited about going to the State of the Union Address because they were personally invited. They told him they want to tell their children about this event when they have some and they knew how special it was to be invited, with one of the students saying he knew children were not usually invited.


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