Today Show: Joan Knows Best Review & Melissa Rivers Co-Parenting Son


Joan and Melissa Rivers: Joan Knows Best Review

Joan Rivers and her daughter Melissa Rivers have been taking over reality television for the past few years with their reality show Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best.

With the premiere of the third season airing February 23 2013 on WE tv, the Today Show invited the mother/daughter duo on the stage to ask them about their new show but not before checking out a clip from the show where Joan tells her daughter she has kissed a woman and it was kind of like that Katy Perry song.


Today Show: Joan Knows Best Review & Melissa Rivers Co-Parenting Son

The Today Show talked with Joan and Melissa Rivers about their reality show, Joan Knows Best. (Featureflash /

Although it may not have seemed real in the clip, Joan told the Today Show she did a kiss a woman that night. She was at a party and met a nice woman who she kicked it off with. After a few drinks and walking her to her car, Joan said she just wanted to try kissing a woman to see what it was like. Oddly, the only thing it did for her was give her the urge to play golf the next morning.

Today Show: Joan and Melissa Rivers Living Together

The show focuses on Joan and Melissa’s relationship while Joan stays with her daughter while she is in Los Angeles. Why she doesn’t have her own home, they didn’t explain. But Melissa did say she has to be very patient with her mother and always has to explain to her mother she isn’t visiting, she is living with them and she needs to chip in.


Today Show: Melissa Rivers Co-Parenting

The third season of the show is also going to be examining the co-parenting Melissa Rivers and her ex-husband have agreed to try with their son. She said she and her husband finally have a good relationship and they are overcoming the difficulties of raising a tween boy together. Melissa Rivers said it is an interesting dynamic and there are times when they both want to kill each other, but they are making it work. And I am sure having Joan there instigating is not any sort of help, although she denied getting in the middle while on the Today Show.

Today Show: Melissa Rivers Dating, Joan Rivers Not Dating

Melissa Rivers told the Today Show is dating again and her only criteria for the guy is that he is nice and he can support himself.

As for Joan Rivers, she isn’t exactly looking for love. She said she’s just looking for a pulse. She also offered some advice her mother gave her.

“My mother always told me to sleep with a rich man,” Joan said, “or your husband.” The Today Show probably isn’t going to be asking Joan to take part in their new segment Tips My Parents Taught Me. Her tips might be a little x-rated for daytime television.

Joan Rivers: Oscar Red Carpet Fashion

I have always wondered if Joan and Melissa get a kick out of bad fashion or if they just like talking fashion and today I received my answer when Joan Rivers told the Today Show, “you wait for them to look stupid.”


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