Today Show: Jimmy Connors The Outsider Review & Infidelity In Marriage


Today Show: Jimmy Connors The Outsider Review

Jimmy Connors, one of the more hot-headed figures in the tennis world, came on the Today Show May 10 2013 to talk about his new book, The Outsider. Savannah wondered, like some others might of the tennis-playing troublemaker, what inspired a man who didn’t seem all that reflective to sit down and write a book that…well…is all about reflecting back on his career.

Today Show: Jimmy Connors The Outsider Review & Infidelity In Marriage

Jimmy Connors came in to talk about his new book, The Outsider. (image credit: s_bukley /


Jimmy Connors was inspired to write the book while he was down and out from multiple hip replacements last year. He realized that he was experiencing an amnesia of sorts from always looking to what was next in his life and never reflecting on things that had happened in his past. Once he started doing this, he decided that he might have something on his hands worth checking out.

Chris Evert Abortion

One of the more controversial topics that came about in the book was about Jimmy Connors’ relationship with Chris Evert. The two got pregnant, and she made the decision to get an abortion. Evert has made it very clear that she is none too pleased with Jimmy making this past relationship and the fallout public, and Savannah asked Jimmy if he regrets writing about that chapter of his life. He doesn’t seem to bear much remorse over the situation and looked at it as just another part of his life that he reflected on.

Jimmy Connors OCD

Besides a troublesome relationship, Jimmy Connors also had to find a workaround for obsessive compulsive disorder, an illness he realized he had when he was playing in his first Wimbledon. When his pre-serve bounces got to be a little more drawn out than he would have liked, he went home that night and tried bouncing the ball without doing it so many times. He realized, after later watching a program on the disorder, that he couldn’t stop bouncing the ball until it felt just right. It wore him out quite a bit, but he made it through it okay.


Jimmy Connors Infidelity

“I tried to write the book like I play tennis,” Jimmy Connors said, “I was always very honest with the way I play tennis.”

I’m sure you sports fans out there understand that quote a whole lot more than I do, but this is Jimmy’s very roundabout way of saying that he didn’t want to leave the things out of his book that he isn’t so proud of. Throughout the memoir, Jimmy is very open about the infidelity he has taken part in over the course of his 33-year marriage. Though he could have taken the easy route and focused on the highlight reel, he opted for the high road and put it all in there, and that’s what makes The Outsider such an attention-grabbing read.


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