Today Show: Jenna Bush Hager Gets Parenting Advice & Memories Of Moms


Today: Remembering Mom

Today Show correspondent Jenna Bush Hager is expecting her first baby with husband Henry Hager this spring. The expectant mom asked the anchors of Today and her own mother, Laura Bush, for memories and advice about being a parent.

Today: Al Roker’s Mother “Lioness”

Today Show: Jenna Bush Hager Gets Parenting Advice & Memories Of Moms

Jenna Bush Hager got parenting memories and advice from the anchors of Today.


The consensus is that mom is that special person that greets you at the door and makes you feel special. Matt Lauer remembered his mother giving him a lot of slack and having faith in him and his siblings. He never wanted to disappoint her.

Hoda Kotb said her mom was the cheerleader with two pompoms always supporting her on her goals in life. She said that everything about her she learned from her mom. Strength, grace and becoming the woman she is today, Hoda soaked everything in from momma Kotb.

Al Roker described his mother as a “lioness.” He went to a Catholic school growing up and the nuns’ worst nightmare was Mrs. Roker marching toward the school to defend her children against a fight.


Today: Being a Parent

Matt Lauer’s parents divorced when he was young. He remembered his mother making sure that he and his siblings felt safe, secure and sure of themselves. He went on to say the best part of being a parent is watching the world through your kids’ eyes. While they are watching Fourth of July fireworks, he’s watching their amazed faces.

Kathie Lee Gifford said she’s loved watching her children grow into the adults they were meant to become. She said she would rather be with them than any other person in the world.

Today: Parenting Advice From Laura Bush

Jenna’s famous mother sat down to give her and the rest of the mommies-to-be out there parenting advice. She said that she remembered her mother reading to her every day. It gave her her love of reading and it’s what made her want to be a librarian.

Laura Bush told her daughter that time passes quickly. She remembered bringing her and her sister home from the hospital as preemies and not knowing what to do. Now they are grown up and having their own kids.

What was the best lesson your mom taught you?


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