Today Show: Jackie Collins 29th Novel Idea & The Power Trip Review


Today Show: Jackie Collins The Power Trip Review

Jackie Collins has sold over 500 million books since she began writing over 50 years ago and her newest  book, The Power Trip, is her 29th novel since the publication of her first novel, The World is Full of Married Men, in 1968.

Today Show: Jackie Collins 29th Novel Idea & The Power Trip Review

The Today Show talked with Jackie Collins about her 29th book The Power Trip and whether her characters are based on real people or not. (s_bukley /


Collins said her new book focuses on the drama of five high power couples on a fancy yacht who get taken over by Somali pirates. She said she got the idea for the novel when she was on a yacht traveling near France. She was restless one night and went to the deck where she talked with the captain who told her they were over five hours from any type of land. Collins said it made her think about what it would be like if pirates actually boarded the yacht.

“This novel is interesting because it is something different for me,” said Collins.

Today Show: Jackie Collins Characters, Real or Fake?

In The Power Trip, Collins writes about a cheating politician and a famous 50-year-old movie star who is on the yacht with his 20 something girlfriend and Matt Lauer wanted to know if these people were made up or if they were caricatures of real life people. Although Collins has been accused of basing her characters on real people in the past, she said all the characters in her newest novel are made up.


Today Show: Jackie Collins Strong Female Characters

Although it would seem Fifty Shades of Grey has pushed authors to be more alluring and submissive with their female characters, Collins said all her female characters are strong, independent women and are never being taken advantage of or being controlled.

“My women kick butt, they don’t get their butts kicked,” said Collins.

Hollywood seemed to take notice of independent women this year. They have been celebrating strong women this year, with awards going to Sally Field for her performance in Lincoln and Jessica Chastain being up for the best actress award for her role in Zero Dark Thirty. Collins said she was happy to finally see women taking their place in the entrainment business.

Speaking of strong women, Jackie Collins told the Today Show she is working on her next book already, an autobiography of her life called Reform School or Hollywood.


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