Today Show: Is Fat Talk Hurting Your Self-Esteem? Dangers For Women


Today Show: Fat Talk Is Dangerous

Today Show: Belisa Vranich And Emme On The Dangers Of Fat Talk

Fat talk is a national phenomenon, but jst how much damage is it doing to your self esteem?

“Fat Talk” is a new phenomenon sweeping the nation, as women become more and more critical of their body image. Women feel both repelled and compelled by fat talk, and even if they don’t actually feel that way about their own body, they, for some reason, find themselves talking about it that way quite often.


Women find that the fat talk comes from them just wanting to be their personal best and constantly holding themselves to it. Women just want the reassurance that they aren’t fat, but don’t want to hear that they aren’t fat. They downplay their own bodily strengths as a way to being reassured.

However, even if women receive plenty of reassurance that they aren’t overweight, they don’t think that fat talk is going anywhere anytime soon. They look at it as a way of leveling the playing field. 90 percent of college-aged women said that they take part in fat talk, and the younger the person is that is doing it, the more likely it is that it will remain a trend.

Today Show: Is Fat Talk Hurting Your Self-Esteem?

Life coach and psychologist Belisa Vranich and plus-size supermodel Emme contributed their own unique perspectives on the topic of fat talk. Belisa said that, for women, it is a bonding topic that gives women something to bond over, but she thinks that it has gone too far. Emme says that the fat talk has nothing to do with image or clothing size, and is not just something they do. This can be disastrous for their self esteem.


Some think that women do this to fish for reassurance that they aren’t fat, but, ultimately, it is something that can make women believe that they are fat when they are not at all. Emme called it body bashing.


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