Today Show Heidi Klum No Plastic Surgery & America’s Got Talent Review


Heidi Klum: America’s Got Talent

Supermodel, super mommy, and now super judge, Heidi Klum is bringing her fans and America to it’s knees. She said she loves her new job and judging 30 to 40 acts a day. She loves the unpredictability of the job, because you never know who is going to show up next.

Today Show Heidi Klum No Plastic Surgery & America's Got Talent Review

Heidi Klum said she will not be getting plastic surgery and loves her new job on America’s Got Talent, Tuesdays on NBC. (Joe Seer /


She called Howie Mandel “goofy” and he always makes her life. She said she always judges the comedians that come on to America’s Got Talent against Mandel’s skills. As for her colleague Mel B, she is “strict but fair.” A talented and seasoned performer, Mel B is most famous for her days as Scary Spice. Howard Stern is literally “stern.” “A lamb behind the scenes,” Heidi said Howard is fierce in front of the camera.

America’s Got Talent sees a lot of little kids trying out for the show. As a mom, Klum said she feels the need to be honest on their performance, but also root for them all. She said that parents tend to tell their kids they are good at everything, but that ends up hurting them in the end.

Today Show: Did Heidi Klum Get Plastic Surgery?

As for Klum, her talents are all out there. She said that modelling is really it. The fans on the Plaza asked what he best beauty secrets for women over 40 are. Klum thought and said eating right, exercising, and drinking a lot of water is really the best way. Heidi just turned 40 and said that people are obsessed with her aging. Her mother has always told her to not wrinkle her forehead so much. She said that she’s happy with her looks and doesn’t think she will go under the knife.


You can catch Heidi Klum, Howard Stern, Howie Mandel and Mel B on America’s Got Talent, Tuesday at 8 p.m.


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