Today Show: Gerard Butler Olympus Has Fallen Review & New to Twitter


Today Show: Gerard Butler Olympus Has Fallen Review

Gerard Butler plays a secret service agent who was demoted to a desk job after an accident happened under his watch in his new movie Olympus Has Fallen. While at his desk, terrorists take over the White House and it is up to Butler to save the President and avert an even bigger threat to national security. Matt Lauer told Butler he has “clout” for making a movie where the North Koreans are the terrorists, especially with the nuclear threats that have been coming from the country. Gerard joked saying he called the North Koreans and told them to make some noise and he told Denis Rodman to head over there and back the movie.

More seriously though, Butler, also the producer of the movie, said the movie is more about an “Osama bin Laden-type threat” with the North Koreans being more of a political threat in the movie.


Today Show: Gerard Butler Olympus Has Fallen Review & New to Twitter

The Today Show talked with Gerard Butler about his new movie Olympus Has Fallen, joining Twitter and answering Twitter questions. (s_bukley /

“It’s very provocative,” he said. “We live with this threat of terrorism, what it would look like. What we really wanted to do was get the substance and meaning and humanize it.” He elaborated saying he wanted to show how the people in charge of the country have to make split second decisions that determine the course of this nation.

Today Show: Gerard Butler American Accent Took Long Time To Learn

Matt Lauer was jealous of Scottish born Gerard Butler’s spot-on American accent, asking how he learned to turn it off and on whenever he wants. Butler said it wasn’t easy learning an American accent. He said he was only able to start mastering the accent after “about 1,000 dialect sessions.”


After a little while, Butler realized he simply had to walk around trying to talk in an American accent, something he said his friends found pretty amusing.

Even with all the hard work, Butler said he will catch himself slipping into an American accent when he doesn’t mean to. He always makes sure to get a coffee from the airport in Glasgow when he returns home, saying it helps him slip back into his thick Scottish accent.

Today Show: Gerard Butler On Twitter

Gerard Butler is one of the latest celebrities to join Twitter, and he said he kind of enjoys having a Twitter. He said he once said he would be taking questions over Twitter for five minutes in between interviews and over 400 people responded in the five minutes. He said he received questions like “Will you go to dinner with me” and another person asked if he would take a bubble bath with them.

“I asked them how big their tub was,” Butler joked.


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