Today Show: George W. Bush Presidential Center & Interrogation Tactics


George W. Bush Presidential Center: Oval Office Replica

The Today Show’s Matt Lauer talked to George W. Bush and his wife Laura on April 25 2013 about the George W. Bush Presidential Center, which is being dedicated on the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. At the center, there’s an exact replica of the Oval Office. Lauer asked Bush if he missed it when he stepped into the replica. He said that he didn’t. He said that after eight years, he knew it was time to come home. But he said he’s glad it’s a part of the center.

Today Show: George W. Bush Tragic Events

Today Show: George W. Bush Presidential Center & Interrogation Tactics

George W. Bush and his wife Laura talked to Matt Lauer about his new presidential center, the enhanced interrogation tactics used under his presidency and what it feels like to be a grandparent. (image credit: Joseph August,


Matt Lauer asked Bush if he ever thought about what he would do during events in Boston or the explosion in Texas last week. George Bush said, “I wish the President all the best in dealing with the trauma and the heartbreak. Because I understand that part of the job of the President is the Comforter and Chief.”

George W. Bush: Enhanced Interrogation Tactics

Matt Lauer said that one of the last times he stood with George W. Bush in the real Oval Office was when he asked him about enhanced interrogation tactics on the five year anniversary of 9/11. He said that George W. Bush became agitated with him. He asked Bush to describe the pressure he was feeling in that time.

Bush said that his duty was to protect the homeland. “I made some very controversial decisions,” he said. He said he didn’t regret them though, because they were successful in protecting the homeland. “People can argue whether such-and-such yielding information or not, but I’m telling you it did. And without information you can’t protect the homeland.”


He also added he didn’t remember being agitated, but he did think he was pretty angry. Matt Lauer said it had never happened to him before in the Oval Office. “Well, I was thinking about doing it again,” George W. Bush said, which made everyone laugh. Bush said he knew he gave the job of President his “best shot for America” and he said that he knew when he looked in the mirror, he didn’t regret anything, because he did the best that he could.

George W. Bush: Daughter Jenna’s Baby

George W. Bush said he really enjoyed spending time with his new granddaughter. His daughter Jenna just had a baby recently. Laura said she was really thrilled and couldn’t believe it. Bush said that it was “such a joy” and “awesome” to be a grandparent.


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