Today Show: George Lopez Turning 50 & New Memoir “I’m Not Gonna Lie”


Today: George Lopez New Memoir I’m Not Gonna Lie

George Lopez came by Today May 6 2013 to talk about his new book I’m Not Gonna Lie, about what it’s like to turn 50. I’m not sure if this interview was funny or just sad. No one likes to think about getting older, but George Lopez tried to do it with a smile. He said that when he was growing up, all the 50-year-olds were grandparents. Now, all his friends look like old family members that you put in homes. He had a party and all of his friends stayed in the same room. He said one guy was wearing suspenders and a belt. Some of them were bald, too. And they all went home by seven. “It was very depressing,” Lopez said.

Today Show: George Lopez Turning 50 & New Memoir "I'm Not Gonna Lie"

George Lopez came by Today to talk about his new memoir I’m Not Gonna Lie, what it’s like to turn 50 and why he paints his toenails. (image credit: s_bukley /


George Lopez Has Gray Hair

Al Roker brought up the point that George Lopez is still in syndication, so people think Lopez is younger than he is. Lopez said that when he started to get gray hair, a little kid told him he was old. Then, no one thought his wax figure was him. Someone asked him, “Hey, you want me to get a picture with you and George Lopez?” He said that was the worst part.

George Lopez: How the Body Changes

Al Roker asked him how his body changed at 50.

“Well, the elasticity is not the same,” George Lopez said.


He said he never realized he’d “have more than 20 moisturizers.” He also said he paints his toenails so he doesn’t have to look at “the green toe,” because he’d rather they all be black then some of them be green. This book is starting to sound like a handbook for all the worst things about turning 50.

George Lopez Loves Maternity Jeans

George Lopez said that Barack Obama “rocks the mom jeans” because they’re not form fitting and they’re really high in the waist. Lopez said he’d like to rock the maternity jeans, because they stretch no matter how big you are.

George Lopez: Turning 50 Advice

George Lopez had some advice for people about to turn 50.

“Enjoy yourself as much as you can. Do everything you want to do now,” he said.

That way, when you start to wear diapers, you won’t have any regrets. So…there you go. That’s kind of a positive note to end this horrifying interview on.


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