Today Show: Gabby Douglas Raising the Bar Review & Meeting Alicia Keys


Today Show: Gabby Douglas Raising the Bar Review

Gabby Douglas, the first American to win gold medals in both the individual and team gymnastics competitions at the Olympics, has written a new book, Raising the Bar. She told the Today Show the book is really just a scrapbook about what she has been up to since the Olympics. So many people were wondering what she has been up to that she decided to tell them where she has gone, who she met and all the wonderful things she had the chance to do since the Olympics.

Gabby Douglas Meets Alicia Keys and Rebel Wilson

Today Show: Gabby Douglas Raising the Bar Review & Meeting Alicia Keys

Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas talked with the Today Show about her new book, Raising the Bar, and getting back into the gym to start training again. (image credit: Anton Oparin,


Gabby Douglas is a celebrity in her own right but she is still awestruck by some of the celebrities she has the chance to meet. She met Rebel Wilson the other day when she was at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and she also performed with Alicia Keys at the VMAs, with Keys singing and Douglas tumbling around the stage.

Gabby Douglas Returning To the Gym

Gabby Douglas is returning to the gym this week and she is just about as excited as she is nervous. She told Savannah Guthrie she is excited to get back in the gym after so long but she is not looking forward to the schedule or being sore for the first couple weeks of training. She told Guthrie she had to be in the gym six days a week, spending a minimum of four hours in the gym every single day.

Facts About Gabby Douglas

The Today Show found out quite a bit about Douglas after reading her new book, but they wanted to know even more so they asked her some questions they wanted answers to.

  • Favorite music – Beyonce and Evanesence
  • Fave type of music – Hip hip and country
  • Celebrity crush- Ian Somerhalder from Vampire Diaries
  • How many Twitter followers? – She said around 776,000 but she wasn’t sure about the number. Either way she said she loves to interact with her friends so you may get tweeted back if you send Gabby a tweet.


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