Today Show: Fix Immigration Laws in America & Immigration Wars Review


Today Show: Jeb Bush Immigration Reform

Jeb Bush is one Republican who is worried about the immigration laws in this country. Hispanics are the largest growing minority group in the United States and they may have been the reason President Obama won his reelection according to many sources. As Bush pointed out, his brother won his election bid with 44 percent of the Hispanic vote and Obama won with 71 percent of the Hispanic vote.

In his first interview since losing the presidential election, Mitt Romney even acknowledged the fact that it was his lack of garnering the minority vote that led to him losing the election. “The weakness I had was not taking my message to the minority voters,” Romney said.


Jeb Bush continued Romney’s train of thought saying, “Gov. Romney put himself in a box in the primary by trying to out-conservative some very good conservative candidates and he never really recovered from it.”

Today Show: Fix Immigration Laws in America & Immigration Wars Review

The Today Show talked with Jeb Bush about his new book Immigration Wars and learned how he wants the Republican Party to expand it’s base to immigrants.

Today Show: Jeb Bush Immigration Wars Review

Bush said Romney, and the Republican Party, set a tone for minorities saying they didn’t want them to be a part of the team. In his new book, Immigration Wars, Bush called Republicans “tone deaf” and said they were “unwilling to expand the base.” He even wrote the Republican Party could become “extinct” if they don’t get the minorities behind their party.


Clint Bolick, co-author of Immigration Wars, said the Republican Party has a lot in common with many minorities, like furthering education and promoting more small business in America, which he sees as key points to turn around how minorities see the party. Bush continued by saying the Republican Party needs to be proactive in getting the votes from minorities which they can do by listening to minorities.

Today Show: Jeb Bush Immigration Reform Plan

Jeb Bush told the Today Show he wants to change the immigration plan in America. He said he does not want to take the rights away from any immigrants but he doesn’t want illegal immigration to be easier than legal immigration. He believes people who have won legal residency in America should confess if they arrived here illegally, pay a few fines and not become American citizens anymore. He pointed out many of the illegal immigrants and legal immigrants didn’t want to fulfill their citizenship because they don’t want to be citizens anyways.

“There needs to be some difference between legal and illegal immigrants,” Bush said. “If we don’t apply the law fairly and consistently we will have more illegal immigrants.”

Bolick pointed out the immigration laws in America are 60-years-old now and we need to update them. With the number of baby boomers retiring soon, we are going to need the immigrants to help fill the jobs they are leaving behind.


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