Today Show: Expressing Motherhood Gives Mothers A Creative Outlet


Today Show: Motherhood Is Difficult

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching (it’s Sunday, May 12, for those of you that still haven’t figured anything out for mom), Maria Shriver, a special anchor for NBC, came in to talk about motherhood and its difficulties. Being mom is only one of the jobs that mothers take on, with studies showing 60 percent of mothers with children under age 5 working outside the home, and this turns into a very complex balancing act for them. So complex, it seems, that two mothers felt the need for moms to come together and express themselves.

Today Show: Expressing Motherhood Origins

Today Show: Expressing Motherhood Gives Mothers A Creative Outlet

Being a mother isn’t easy, and Expressing Motherhood gives these women an outlet to express that.


Created by friends Lindsay Kavet and Jessica Cribbs in 2008, Expressing Motherhood was designed to help mothers come to connect and feel less isolated. The stories and acts, which run the performance-oriented gamut, don’t surprise the Lindsay or Jessica—it’s just the fact that they are willing to share these intimate experiences on stage. “I just sit back stage, and I’m just thinking, ‘I can’t believe that people are doing this,'” said one of the mothers.

Today Show: Nichole Blaine Expressing Motherhood

Encouraged by a friend to attend a performance, Nichole Blaine decided immediately that this was something she needed to be a part of. She felt an instant bond. She truly believes that these performances represent a bonding of the human spirit. She had always been too scared to try stand up comedy, but Expressing Motherhood gave her a good place to give it a try for the first time, and now she is performing stand up comedy regularly. “It altered my life,” said Nichole.

Today Show: Expressing Motherhood Creates A Community

Expressing Motherhood has created is a very accepting community that allows these mothers to speak from the heart in an unfiltered manner and push themselves forward. It allows these mothers to express themselves, having not always been given the opportunity to do so growing up. Lindsay and Jessica are hoping that, ultimately, Expressing Motherhood changes society’s perspective on motherhood by giving mothers a place to be heard, seen, and respected.


Today Show: Maria Shriver On Her Mother

As a mother that took care of special needs kids, she understood more than anyone that these children, no matter their disabilities, need a place to let their competitive spirit flourish, and that is why Maria Shriver’s mother, Eunice Shriver, started the Special Olympics. Maria gave an interview talking about her recently, and the show played a snippet of it to commemorate Eunice and her accomplishments.


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