Today Show: Eve Ensler Uterine Cancer & “In the Body of the World”


Maria Shriver Sits Down With Eve Ensler, In the Body Of the World

Eve Ensler changed the world with her play The Vagina Monologues. The play features a group that talks openly about their lady bits and how they shape who they are as a woman. In Ensler’s new book, In the Body of the World, she openly talks about her battle with cancer and what she learned about life and her body.

She told Maria Shriver that it was a terrifying diagnosis. After just a few hours of knowing her illness, Ensler was on an operating table where she lost many of her organs.


Today Show: Eve Ensler Uterine Cancer & "In the Body of the World"

Eve Ensler spoke to Maria Shriver about her life-altering diagnosis with uterine cancer. She used it as inspiration for her book, In the Body of the World. (image credit: s_bukley,

Eve Ensler: Uterine Cancer Diagnosis

After being diagnosed with uterine cancer, Eve Ensler’s life was forever changed. She’s spent years talking to women about their rights and feminism, but now, Shriver said, she has a new view of her own body. Ensler said that she was poked, prodded and pricked during chemo. She felt like nothing but a body for months.

Eve Ensler was abused as a child by her father. This new book, In the Body of the World, is a document of her letting go of that hurt. She said that she visualized all of the chemo burning away her hurt and healing more than just her cancer.


Shriver asked if it had burnt away any of her fire and rage to change the world. She said that it did not. Eve Ensler is still full of “righteous rage” to make a difference. She has a fire that burns for change for the women of Kenya, Afghanistan and Bosnia. She loves women all around the world and her illness taught her to appreciate community.

Eve Ensler Opens City Of Joy In the Congo

In June 2011, Eve Ensler opened City of Joy in the Congo. It’s a place where women who have been abused and hurt can go to rebuild their lives. She said that when she heard the cancer diagnosis she was at peace with her life. She knew she had made a difference and was happy with her life. Then she realized that she wasn’t ready to let life go.

Through it all, Ensler learned that the story of humanity is what is important. She still wants to make a difference in the lives of women around the world. Her little life means nothing, but the story of humanity keeps her driving forward.

Eve Ensler is now cancer-free and traveling the country. She urges people to love each other well.

Maria Shriver Returns To NBC News As Special Correspondent

Along with this interview, Maria Shriver is announcing that she’s coming back to NBC News as a special correspondent. She is going to be sharing profiles, like the one of Eve Ensler, with the country in her new career move.


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